When is the best time to buy a sewing machine in 2023? 

When is the best time to buy a sewing machine

Buying the best sewing machine can be exciting, but finding the best is more exciting. Finding the right time to buy can save you money and enable you to get upgraded models at affordable prices. 

Based on my research, the best time to buy a sewing machine in 2023 depends on your country. Generally, the best times are the End of Summer, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Before and After Christmas, near Thanksgiving weekend, and June 13. 

To understand when is the best time to buy a sewing machine in 2023, let’s dive deep into the discussion. 

Can I find Sales On Sewing Machines?

Unlike electronics and other products, you cannot find frequent sales on sewing machines. However, you can still see the best deals on them ONCE or TWICE A YEAR, but make sure you know the exact time. 


  • Moreover, it depends on the brand, which sells only twice or thrice a year. 
  • All sewing machine brands have sales, but you must know when to take advantage of them. 
  • To take advantage of it, subscribe to BRAND’S WEBSITES. This way, you will get notified when they announce sales. 

Now let’s start…

When is the best time to buy a sewing machine in 2023?

1. Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Sales Plan Header

The first best time for me is Black Friday because different sewing machine brands offer a good discounts on their products during this time. Black Friday is celebrated every year on November 25, so you have the time to decide.

Why Black Friday Sales? 

  • Black Friday is one of the best times to shop for your favourite sewing machine brands.
  • During Black Friday, Amazon and Walmart offer around 10% to 30% off different brands, such as Janome, Juki, Singer, etc., if stores are nearby. Don’t worry if you can’t find it quickly, wait and be patient.
  • You can save up to 28% on top-rated full-size and portable sewing machines at Walmart, so check out their prices. 
  • Check live prices on sewing machines from top brands like SINGER, Brother & Janome at Amazon – save up to 30% on sewing machines for beginners & professionals.

Make sure you do plenty of research on Google about which companies or dealers offer the best deals during Black Friday. List each of them and then choose one. 

2. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a well-known e-commerce term for the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. 

More details…. 

  • After Black Friday, Cyb is the largest shopping day among all the online sales days. 
  • Different companies like Amazon (40.4%), Walmart (5.1%), and eBay (1.8%) provide discounts on Cyber Monday. 
  • Luckily, Amazon continues to offer the best deals to customers throughout the week.

3. Before and After Christmas


Christmas is celebrated each year on December 25 worldwide as the biggest holiday. Different brands like Juki, Jack, Janome, Bernina, Singer, etc., offer discounts on their products during this occasion so that they can sell their stock before the year starts. 


  • Christmas discounted sales on sewing machines can be found before and after Christmas. 
  • Before Christmas, you may get up to 50% discounts on your favourite machine, depending upon the type of sewing machine you want to purchase. 

4. November and December

During these 2 months, if not all, most sewing machine brands offer great deals on sewing machines. You can even get 50% discounts on some brands.

Additionally, during these months, manufacturers want to announce sales to market their products, so they don’t go unsold.

5. End of summer 

End of summer

The End of Summer can be a great option but as common as the ones mentioned above. It is similar to Christmas when sellers of sewing machines want to sell all of their products so they can bring the newer ones.

Buying a sewing machine at this time can be a great option. Sewing machines are on sale online and offline in Amazon stores during this period.

6. Brand Sales

Sometimes there are sales announced from brands like Juki, Janome, Singer, etc., so they can have better customer satisfaction and sell their old stock.

To find the best deals, you must visit BRAND’S WEBSITES or subscribe to their NEWSLETTER for any news.

7. Sales on Amazon or Walmart

Sales on Amazon or Walmart

Amazon and Walmart are among the largest e-commerce platforms for online and offline shopping because they offer discounts on almost everything.

They offer great deals during the year they announce on their website, so to get in touch with them, subscribe to their websites.

8. Research is the key to the best deals 

You can only find the best deals with proper research, so I recommend you do regular research.

But how?

  • Explore different brands’ websites and also visit their retail shops. 
  • Subscribe to various websites for NEWS. 
  • Make sure you do your research instead of relying on others.

Can I save Money When Buying A Sewing Machine?

YES, you can easily save plenty of dollars with the right methods. You can immediately plan for one of the occasions explained above. You have other alternatives as well. 

Exhibitions and Shows

You must look for different exhibits, shows, etc., to find the best deals. For that, you need to go in person. Many brands showcase their brands during these days and offer great discounts. So it depends thoroughly upon you whether you take advantage or not. 

But, it may be difficult for you to find the exhibitions, so QUILT SHOW DIRECTORY will help you locate every point. 

Scratch and Dent Sales

If you want to save money during your purchase, this can be a great option because scratch and dent mean sewing machines with minor injuries or damages that are not bad for their functionalities. 

So due to this minor damage, they won’t sell it at full price. Therefore brands then announce discounts on them. Note that these damages can happen because of the shipping process, etc. 


Finding both new and old sewing machines is easy on eBay and is also one of the safest ways. When you open an eBay application, you can find different discounts for all sewing machines. You only need to visit it frequently or subscribe to it to get notified.


Your concerns about when is the best time to buy a sewing machine in 2023 have cleared. Buying a sewing machine will cost a lot, but when you buy it at the best time, you may save money. 

Every day is the best day when you have the right budget, but when you want to save money, I recommend Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas to be great occasions. 

So be ready for those moments… 


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to buy a sewing machine?

The best times when most companies offer discounts on sewing machines are Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, and November and December. These days, you will get even 50% discounts on different items.

Which day is good for buying a sewing machine?

Every year on June 13, you can get the best deals on sewing machines, as it is the day they were invented. So wait until June 13 2023, and get your next sewing machine at the best prices.

Why should I buy a sewing machine during the holidays?

Sewing machines can cost hundreds of dollars, which most people cannot afford. Therefore, you should take advantage of holiday sales offered by brands like Janome, Juki, Brother, Singer, and a few department stores.