What sewing machines are made in the USA – 2023?

What sewing machines are made in the USA

The main point of discussion of today’s blog post is, what sewing machines are made in the USA. So let me tell you this in detail. 

While the United States has the largest economy in the world, with $23 Trillion in GDP (source World Bank.com), and is the largest importer of goods and services, there are few sewing machine brands/manufacturers in the country even in 2023. 

But why? 

In my research, I found plenty of reasons why the United States does not manufacture its domestic sewing machines, but the main reason is that the USA’s manufacturing costs are high. 

Don’t worry; a few models and companies still make sewing machines and related products in the United States in 2023. The American-made machines are feature-rich, durable, reliable, user-friendly, and long-lasting, which makes them quite desirable. 

What are the USA’s sewing machine manufacturing companies?

Despite being the leader of technology and the sole superpower, the USA has a few sewing machine manufacturers.

Below I have listed a few that are still active in the country;

1. Melco

Among the USA-MADE companies, the first on our list is Melco, which mainly produces industrial heavy-duty sewing machines, especially embroidery models, for fulfilling mass-level production in the country. Melco has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, USA and sells top-of-the-line appliances worldwide. 

2. SailRite

SailRite is an American machine manufacturer with an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality, heavy-duty industrial sewing machines. Since their main selling point is industries, they don’t produce machines for home use. 

Luckily, their production line is still pretty active and makes the best sewing machines to sell them domestically and internationally. 

3. Union Special

Another USA-MADE sewing machine in this list is Union Special which I kept at the end for a few reasons. Since this company has been inactive for a long time, sometimes they manufacture their products entirely in the USA without importing any parts.

This company’s sewing machines are hard to find in the USA. They have their main office and production hub in Illinois, which is currently closed by 2023. 

But note one thing: these companies produce industrial sewing machines that you cannot use at home for household projects. So be aware of this. 

Does the USA have other sewing machine companies?

Juki, Brother and Janome (Japanese-made), Bernina (Swiss-made), etc., do not make products in the United States, but a few models are made in the country.

Such as those mentioned below: 

Brother USA

Despite being a Japanese company, Brother has granted the USA a license to manufacture sewing machines in their local markets. The USA imports parts from Japan but assembles them only here. 

These Brother sewing machines are still not purely MADE IN the USA. 

Janome America

Janome is a Japanese company, but it has given the licence to the USA to manufacture sewing machines in their local market. Here, the USA imports parts from Japan but only assembles them in the USA. 

These Janome sewing machines are still not purely MADE IN the USA. 

Juki America

A Japanese company, Juki, has granted the USA the right to manufacture sewing machines in their local market. In this case, the USA imports parts from Japan but only assembles them there. 

Bernina USA

Bernina is a Switzerland brand, but it has given the license to the USA to manufacture sewing machines in their local market. Here, the USA obtains parts from Swiss and other countries but only assembles them in the USA. 


The Singer is an American brand but has production facilities overseas in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Due to the high labour costs in the USA, if these sewing machines are produced domestically, the price could almost double.

List of Made in USA Sewing Machines in 2023

Below is the list of a few USA-MADE sewing machines. Although these sewing machines are assembled in the USA, their parts and accessories are imported from Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc., so the manufacturing cost is lower.

This article taught readers what?

After hours of research, I gathered information from various sources, including World Bank.com, Wikipedia, and my own experiences, and wrote this helpful blog post for you. 

This article informs the reader that many domestic companies in the USA won’t manufacture sewing machines even in 2023. However, a few companies like Melco, SailRite, and Union Special are still operating in the country and producing state-of-the-art industrial models. 

However, Singer, an American company with an office in Nashville, Tennessee, has production companies in Taiwan and China. 

Meanwhile, some sewing machines are assembled in the US, but their parts and accessories are imported overseas, as mentioned above in this article. 

Overall, America, the mighty technological leader, has moved its sewing machine production to other countries to produce in large quantities and at low prices. 


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why does the USA not manufacture sewing machines?

The reason behind the USA not manufacturing its sewing machines domestically is the price of labor is too high, as well as the taxes according to the states. That is why it has shifted its production facilities to other countries.

What are sewing machines made in the USA?

As the USA has few locally made sewing-machine factories, there are still companies like Melco, Union Special, and SailRite that manufacture top-of-the-line industrial and embroidery models of sewing machines in the USA.

Who manufactures the most sewing machines?

Countries like Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy manufacture the most sewing machines worldwide. However, the majority of the parts and accessories of sewing machines are made in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Vietnam to decrease the overall cost of manufacturing. However, a few companies and models are also operated in the USA.