What does E1 mean on a Brother sewing machine? Simple steps to fix it

What does E1 mean on a Brother sewing machine

What does E1 Error mean on a brother sewing machine? Is this the issue you are facing? If YES, you have come to the right place as here I will completely tell you about this issue and how to resolve it within a few seconds. 

Note: Before I start writing about this issue, first let me tell you that this article is purely intended for Brother sewing machine owners. 

What does E1 mean on a Brother sewing machine?

It is an error that occurs on any Brother sewing machine. This error happens when you forget to lower the presser foot and press the start/stop button. There will be an E1 error message displayed on the LCD screen of your machine during this process, but if you resolve it, it will disappear from the screen.

This is not a big problem; you forgot to lower your presser foot lever, nothing more. You do not need to change your sewing machine.

A Practical guide about E1 error solving

How to Fix E1 Error on Brother Sewing Machine?

Here are some simple steps you can take to get started

Step #1: Checking the Presser Foot

As this problem is associated with the presser foot, therefore check it. You will find E1 written on the LCD screen if the foot is up. So consider lowering the presser foot to resolve it. 

Step #2: Lower the presser foot

You can lower the presser foot simply by lowering the presser foot lever at a specific location on the machine. 

Step #3: Now check the display

After lowering the presser foot, the next step is to look at the LCD screen. The issue has been resolved whenever the LCD screen doesn’t display E1

Once you’ve resolved this issue, you can begin sewing your favourite designs on your Brother Sewing Machine.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does E1 mean on a Brother sewing machine?

If you are searching about What does E1 mean on a Brother sewing machine, then i’ll let you know. E1 error occurs when the presser foot is not lowered before sewing begins.

2. Why should I fix the E1 error?

Your sewing machine will not be able to operate and will not be able to sew anything unless you fix this issue. Therefore, you should simply lower the presser foot to resolve this issue.

3. Is E1 an error caused by the company or by the user?

It is not an error caused by the presser foot but by users forgetting to lower it down when using it.

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