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If you have a sewing machine, you should know about its company and a few more details. Because this will give you a clear picture of the brand, you are using. However, if you don’t know about it, don’t worry, as I have explained the top sewing machine brands of 2023 with all the important details. 

I recommend you to read this article until the end. Hopefully, you will find a machine from your country that you will be proud of. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these companies one by one.

Number #1 sewing machine maker 

Number #1 sewing machine maker 


A Japanese company, Juki, has established itself as the world’s number-one sewing machine manufacturer despite formidable competition.

Top sewing machines brands by country in the world

1. American

  • Singer

The singer is one of the popular consumer sewing machine companies founded by Isaac Singer and Edward Cabot Clark in 1851 in Boston, Massachuchet, United States of America. 

Throughout the years, Singer Company has been manufacturing some of the finest sewing machines for various purposes, such as quilting, embroidery, fashion designing, canvas, handheld models, and much more. 

Experts advocate using Singer machines for heavy-duty works such as patches, sewing, canvas, tents, etc. 

  • Merrow

The Merrow Company is another renowned sewing machine manufacturing company famous for designing overlock industrial models. A long time ago, in 1838, J.M. 

Merrow developed this company, and from then till now, it has been producing more durable sewing machines, such as Overlock sewing machines, Crochet sewing machines, and End-to-end seaming machines. 

Apart from this, it also manufactures Sewing machine parts and different needles. 

  • SailRite

Well, many intermediate or even advanced sewers may not be aware of the potential name of SailRite in the world of sewing machines. 

Founded in 1969 by Jim and Connie Grant, this American brand rose to fame through its leadership.

  • Union special

Union special was founded in 1881 as a manufacturer of industrial sewing machines. Their sewing machines differ from other sewing machines as they are stronger and can be used to sew bag openings, canvas, and other tougher materials. 

And most interestingly, many readers may be unfamiliar with this company, but it is considered the only sewing machine company in America for building industrial sewing machines. 

Union special

2. Japanese

  • Juki

It is a Japanese sewing machine manufacturing company based in Tamashi, Tokyo, and is known to be the number 1 sewing machine company. It was founded in Tokyo on December 15, 1938, and from then till now, it has been producing different industrial and domestic sewing machines for over 170 countries. 

I bet that you will find at least one Juki model in most sewing shops. Juki makes some of the most durable sewing machines for fashion designers, leather, linen, tents, shoes, bags opening, etc. 

  • Brother

Founded in 1908 as Yasui sewing machine co. It manufactures some of the best industrial sewing machines as well as domestic sewing machines. 

However, this Nagoya-based Japanese company manufactures sewing machines and other electronic products, demonstrating its versatility. 

Every reader will be aware of the potential name of Brother in the sewing world.

  • Janome

Sewers love Janome because this Japanese manufacturer designs new and innovative sewing machines. The first Janome machine was founded in Tokyo, Japan, on October 16, 1921, marking its commencement. 

Millions of customers have been satisfied by this company for almost 101 years. On the internet, Janome HD1000 and HD3000 are two of the most popular machines.  

  • Baby lock

Yamagata, Japan-based Baby Lock, makes embroidery, quilting, and regular sewing machines. Their sewing machines are liked by people because of their long-lasting quality and, most importantly, because they are easy to use. 

Baby lock
  • Jaguar

Jaguar is a Japanese machine-making company that manufactures computerised, regular, and overlock sewing machines. Moreover, this company also manufactures sewing machine accessories such as presser foot, quilting foot, binding foot, etc. 

Room arrangement can be important for every sewer, so let me teach you how to arrange your sewing machine room.


3. German

  • Pfaff

Germany, known as a manufacturer of quality machines, is the founder of Pfaff sewing machine company which makes some of the top machines in the world. It was founded by Georg Max Pfaff in 1862 as PFAFF in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Many sewers can access online and offline top-of-the-line sewing machines at reasonable prices. 

  • Müeller

Many readers of this blog post don’t know about Mueller, but I’m here to tell you this German company manufactures some of the best affordable sewing machines for all types of users. 

Their sewing machines are usually smaller in size than other manufacturers, but they can do a make-and-break for you and can teach sewing to your child through this. 

Note this company not only sells sewing machines but other products as well. 


Note this company not only sells sewing machines but other products as well. 

  • Naumann

Currently, only some people are familiar with this German sewing machine company. For its time, this company manufactured some of the best vintage sewing machines and treadle sewing machines. 

  • Hermann Koehler

It is also an old sewing machine company whose products can no longer be found on Amazon, Walmart, or offline stores. However, you can find some of its vintage models on Etsy. It was discovered by L.O. Dietrich, H. Köhler, and G. Winselmann in 1871 at Altenburg, Germany, under the name of L.O. Dietrich & Co. Later, it changed its name to Hermann Koehler. 

Hermann Koehler

4. Chinese

  • Typical

Typical is a Xian-based Chinese sewing machine manufacturing company that produces high-quality products and exports them to many countries. Due to this company’s demand, it now has three manufacturing plants in the country: Xian, Wan Ping, and Lin Tong, and it has a manufacturing capacity of 800,000 units a year. The best thing about this company is that it has affordable sewing machines everyone can afford.  

  • Jack

The Jack company was established on July 18, 1995, but started making sewing machines on August 27, 2003, in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. This company has grown exponentially and has served millions of buyers. Their main selling models are lockstitch, overlock, and interlock sewing machines. 


5. Indian

  • Pooja Priva

Undoubtedly, all Indians know about Pooja Priva sewing machine company; some may even own one. The late Shri Girdhari Lal Gupta founded the company on October 2, 1975, to create domestic sewing machines to increase the country’s exports. The first ever Pooja sewing machine was manufactured on October 16, 1975, exactly 14 days after the company’s inception. 

  • Usha

Usha is a famous Indian sewing machine manufacturing company headquartered in India’s capital New Delhi. This company makes different types of sewing machines, such as industrial models and other domestic models. Additionally, you can find their products on Amazon. 

  • Sapna

Sapna is another domestic Indian company that usually manufactures manual sewing machines for the Indian market. In India, not everyone can use computers, and most cannot afford expensive ones. This is why Sapna developed user-friendly and affordable models. Further, other Indian sewers in villages cannot fix problems with sewing machines, such as jamming issues or freezing. Manuals are for those situations. 


6. Swiss

  • Bernina

Swiss watches are the most expensive in the world; the same goes for sewing machines. Because according to my research Bernina is the most expensive brand since they make sewing machines with fancy features. It was founded in 1983 by Karl Friedrich Gegauf and has headquarters in Steckborn, Switzerland. Their products are industry leaders and too packed with features.

  • Elna

Elna is a Swiss international sewing machine-producing company with the core aim of manufacturing high-quality sewing machines and exporting worldwide. This company was founded in 1934 in Meyrin, canton of Geneva, Switzerland, by André Varaud and Dr. Ramon Casas Robert, and has since become a big name in the world of sewing machines. 


7. Swedish

  • Husqvarna Viking

This is one of the oldest companies in the world as it was founded in 1689 but started manufacturing sewing machines in various designs in 1872. This idea of business gave this company a surge, and as of now, it has become a well-known sewing machine manufacturer with top-notch products. You can find their products online and offline, but some products, like quilting models, can cost you thousands of dollars if you buy during holidays which is great. 

Husqvarna Viking

8. Italian

  • Necci 

Italy, the home of hypercars like Ferrari, Lemborgini and Pagani, is also renowned for the Necci sewing machine company. Well their products may not be too famous in Asian countries but have a good name in the Western world. Necci was founded in 1919 almost 103 years before in Italy and now offers stylish, sophisticated products. 


9. Pakistani

  • Tractor

The Pakistani company TRACTOR also manufactures manual sewing machines at extremely affordable prices. Tractor is one of the most popular brands of sewing machines used by rural women in Pakistan. 


Most popular industrial sewing machine brands

Now that I have explained different brands of sewing machines and their importance, let me tell you who are the titans of industrial sewing machines

  1. Juki
  2. Consew
  3. Yamata
  4. Bernina 

Vintage sewing machine brands

Well companies like Janome, Juki, Singer, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, etc., are known for modern sewing machines. However, the below are a few classic models from the past. 

  1. National 
  2. Davis 
  3. Wardwell 
  4. Grover & Baker 
  5. Wheeler & Wilson 
  6. New Home 
  7. Kenmore


So, the article about the top sewing machine brands of all time has ended. I hope you now have a clear idea of sewing machine companies, their country of origin, founders, date of foundation, and much more. So I highly suggest every sewer knows about the history of sewing machine brands so their excitement for sewing skyrockets. 

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Which sewing machine brand is best for beginners?

Beginners should consider sewing machines from brands like Janome, Juki, Brother, Singer, Mueller, and manual machines if they live in remote areas.

Sewing machine brands for industrial uses?

The two most famous brands of industrial sewing machines are Juki and Consew, both of which produce top quality sewing machines. However, Union Special and Merrow are also among the most reliable in terms of quality.

Which sewing machine brands are useful for quilting?

In addition to Brother and Janome, Bernina is a great option for quilting on a larger scale since this Swiss company manufactures top-notch products.

Which is the number 1 sewing machine brand in 2023?

According to my research, Juki is the number one sewing machine brand in the world, with sales in over 170 countries across the globe and encompassing almost every continent.