9 Parts of a sewing machine needles with their main functions

Parts of a sewing machine needles with their main functions

The benefits of sewing machines are more than you may think. But did you know that a single sewing machine is made of dozens of different parts? And among those parts, needles are on top when it comes to importance.

Therefore, in this blog post, I will explain the parts of sewing machine needles with their main functions so that you get a clear idea. 

What is a sewing machine needle?

Sewing machine needles differ from normal handheld needles as they are made primarily to fit into the machines while making their body in a specialized design. 

Body Parts of a sewing machine needle

Parts of a sewing machine needles with their main functions

1. Butts

The first starting point of a needle at the bottom helps the needle to settle properly in the holder. It is rounded without sharper points. 

2. Shank

Shank is the above wider part of the needle that may be rounded or flat on one side. The main function is to help the needle sit appropriately in the needle holder. 

Depending upon the type and brand of the sewing machine, you will need to get the needle with a flat or rounded shank to fit exactly. 

3. Shoulder

The shoulder is a curvy part below the shank but above the blade and helps sewing machine needles to make wider holes because it passes down the fabrics. 

4. Blade/ Shaft

The blade, also known as the Shaft, is the longest and main part of the needle that passes through the fabrics to make stitches. It gets the maximum friction as it frequently passes during the sewing. 

5. Groove

This is the slit above the Eye, and it is the part that reduces friction and creates smooth stitches. 

  • Long Groove: it is the longest Groove from the shoulder to the needle eye. 
  • Short Groove: it is the shortest Groove from the needle tip to the Eye. 

6. Scarf

The scarf is the curved slot above the needle eye that allows the thread to be grabbed by the bobbin hook under the throat plate to create a stitch. 

7. Point

A part of a sewing machine needle between the needle Eye and Tip. It is narrow, which helps the needle penetrate through fabrics easily. 

8. Eye

The Eye is a hole in the needle between a long and short groove that helps hold the threads to make a loop. The size of the Eye depends upon the type of sewing machine needles

9. Tip of needle

The tip is the last part of the needle that is pointed and too sharp, and its work is to pierce the fabrics so that the other parts of the sewing machine needle can further penetrate through materials. 

Final Remarks

You may not have realized that a single needle has that many parts before reading this article. 

Now I hope you have gained a good amount of information about parts of sewing machine needles with their main functions. 

So read each part and see the labelled picture to know about each piece in detail. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of sewing machine needles?

Parts of a sewing machine needles with their main functions

Following are the parts of a needle listed below
Groove (long Groove and short Groove).
Needle Eye.

Which part helps in attaching needles to a sewing machine?

Shank, the above thicker part, helps the needle to sit properly in a sewing machine needle holder. It may be flat and rounded depending upon the type of needle. 

How many parts does a sewing machine needle have?

The sewing machine needle has 9 parts Butts, Shank, Shoulder, Blade, Groove, Eye, Tip, Point, and Scarf.