Janome Hd1000 vs hd3000 – detailed comparison 2023

Janome Hd1000 vs hd3000

Comparing Janome Hd1000 vs hd3000 is always a privilege for me because both are top-of-the-line sewing machines with great features a sewer can get. Both are from the same company Janome, but their characteristics vary, and most importantly, both are Heavy-duty. 

I have compared these in detail, with their pros and cons, and much more so that you can easily decide which one is for you and which to skip for now. 

If you are in a hurry, let me tell you that the Janome Hd3000 is the clear winner here because of its 860 SPM speed, more built-in stitches, sturdy body construction, convenient feed dog mechanism, etc. 

However, proceed to the article for a detailed comparison and read till the end.

In A Hurry, let’s get your favourite


What are the similarities and dissimilarities between Janome hd1000 and hd3000?

DetailsJanome hd1000 Janome hd3000 
Brand Janome Janome 
Weight 15 pounds 18.7 pounds
ColorWhite White
Dimensions 8.5″D x 18.25″W x 15.25″H10″D x 19″W x 15″H
Material Aluminum, Metal Metal
Item Model Number HD1000HD3000
Power SourceACTreadle Powered
Maximum Stitch Length 4mm4mm
Maximum Stitch Width5mm6.5mm
Tension controlManualManual 
Needle Threading System YesYes
Bobbin winding Push PullAuto De-Clutch 
Bobbin loading type Bobbin loading type Top loading 
Cover Included Yes
No. of Stitches1418
Feed dog pieces37
Buttonhole1 Four-step buttonhole 1 One-step buttonhole 
Reverse StitchingYes (Lever)Yes
Automatic Bobbin WindingYesYes
Thread Tension AdjustmentYesYes
Storage for accessories Yes (Top Storage tray)Yes
Sewing Start/stop buttonNoNo
Stitch Selection DialDial
Product Warranty 25 Years Limited 25 Years Limited 

The accessories I received when I ordered the product

My first purchase was Janome HD1000, but after working with it for a few months, I also purchased Janome HD3000, a slightly upgraded version. Both models are equipped with the following accessories.

1. Janome HD1000 Accessories 

  • 3 Snap-On presser feet
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Hemmer’s foot
  • Bobbins
  • Felt
  • Needle set
  • Large and small screwdriver 
  • Specialized oil
  • Hem guide

2. Janome HD3000 Accessories 

  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Bobbin (Standard)
  • Buttonhole Foot (transparent)
  • Foot Control
  • Rolled Hem Foot
  • Sliding Buttonhole Foot
  • Zig-Zag Foot

Features that set apart Janome Hd1000 vs Hd3000 

1. Sewing Machine Speed

Speed is the thing that makes a sewing machine quite handy and also enables the sewers to perform the task more quickly. As both sewing machines are heavy-duty, it is common for both to sew at a faster pace. 

A. Janome Hd1000: On the other hand, Janome Hd3000 counterpart Hd1000 has a speed of 840 stitches per minute, slightly less than the abovementioned ones. Though the speed gap is small, the Janome hd3000 is still the winner. 

B. Janome hd3000: With this great sewing machine from Janome, you can easily make precise stitches of up to 860 in a minute, making it an incredibly faster machine. But what is more interesting is that at this speed, no stitches go loose or skipped; all the stitches are uniform, straight, and tight with great accuracy. 

In a nutshell

In terms of sewing speed, the winner is Janome HD3000, as it can sew 860 stitches in just a minute, which becomes almost 15 stitches in a second. 

2. Integrated Stitches

A. Janome Hd1000: It has 14 built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole. Therefore, this sewing machine from Janome will be particularly appropriate for sewing jeans, faux fur, etc. 

B. Janome hd3000: The HD3000 comes with 18 integrated stitches, which is four more than the HD1000. The HD3000 has a 1-step buttonhole, which is more convenient since you can make a buttonhole in just one step

In a nutshell

As far as stitches and buttonholes are concerned, the Janome HD3000 has captured the title of champion. Moreover, it depends upon your wish and your priority. 

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3. Feed Dog

A. Janome Hd1000: This machine has solely a 3-piece feed dog mechanism which is appropriate for this heavy-duty sewing machine. This allows you to perform almost any type of sewing project. 

B. Janome hd3000: There are seven pieces of feed dogs in the HD3000, four more than in the HD1000. In general, I did not find too much difference between the two, except for the speed of the HD3000 being slightly faster than the HD1000. 

In a nutshell

With its seven-piece feed dog, the Janome HD3000 takes the crown once again over the Hd1000, which comes with a three-piece feed dog. 

4. Bobbin System 

A. Janome Hd1000: This model from Janome has a front-loading bobbin which may be a bit awkward and problematic for a few, especially newbies. However, I believe that changing the front-loading bobbin is more difficult than changing the drop-in bobbin in the HD3000. 

B. Janome hd3000: It has a top drop-in bobbin system which I feel is the most user-friendly because it allows us to easily monitor the thread supply. And most importantly, it produces improved stitch outcomes and is more convenient to thread. Drop-in bobbins offer the convenience of easy bobbin replacement. 

In a nutshell 

Again, Janome Hd3000 is the winner since it provides a drop-in bobbin system which is more convenient than the front loading bobbin of Janome Hd1000. 

5. Stitch Width and Length  

A. Janome Hd1000: When it comes to the width of stitches, then the Janome HD1000 has 5mm wide stitches which are quite substantial. However, the length of stitches is 4mm which is the identical length to the HD3000. 

B. Janome hd3000: Janome HD3000 stitches width is 6.5mm which is 2.5mm more than HD1000, however, the stitch length is the same as HD1000, which is 4mm. 

In a nutshell 

Well, Janome HD3000 stitches are wider than Janome HD1000 stitches, but the lengths are the same. 

6. Cover types  

A. Janome Hd1000: When it comes to cover types, the HD1000 comes with a dust cover primarily that saves it from dust however you will not find any hardcover protection from scratches so be sure you do protect your device yourself. 

B. Janome hd3000: Unlike HD1000, it is equipped with a hard cover which I appreciate the most because with this you can easily store it without having to worry about scratches and other damage to the body. Moreover, you can use this cover for dust resistance as well. 

In a nutshell

Hd3000 has a hard cover that is better for overall body safety and dust cover, but the Hd1000 has only a dust cover that cannot be resilient to scratches.

7. Sewing machine portability (the weight of both)   

As HD stands for Heavy-Duty, it is obvious that both sewing machines will be heavier and will exhaust you when you carry them. 

But NO, weight is not a significant factor.

A. Janome Hd1000: Hd1000 weighs 15 pounds (6.804 kgs) which is quite considerable and will not make you feel uncomfortable when you are an on-the-go sewer or frequently go outside to perform your sewing work. 

B. Janome hd3000: It weighs 18.7 pounds (8.482 kilograms) as compared to HD1000, but as I have noted, this is not a significant amount. Both machines are lightweight and portable, with a weight difference of just over 2 kilograms. 

In a nutshell

In terms of weight and ease of transport, the Janome HD1000 is lighter and more portable. However, if you are a professional, the weight will not be an important consideration. 

Pros and Cons of Janome HD1000 and HD3000


  • HD1000 is easy to use for all types of sewers
  • Its design is simple and user-friendly
  • Sturdy aluminum construction makes it long-lasting and scratch-resistant
  • HD1000 is powerful that is why it can be used for thick fabrics and multiple layers
  • Manual controls for extra-fine thread and stitch adjustments
  • Buttonholes in four steps can be time-wasting
  • Limited color options 
  • Bare-bones accessories Pac


  • It is made of a heavy-duty aluminum frame for enhanced longevity. 
  • It produces well-positioned stitches. 
  • It’s not a digital machine, and yet it’s easy to use, and the end result is top-level.
  • Operators have comprehensive control over all settings
  • You can easily access the reverse lever at the front of the machine.
  • Its automatic needle threader features save eyes from strain. 
  • A little poor manual tension setting. 
  • The built-in lighting has a relatively low level of quality.
  • A short cord is present on the foot pedal.

According to me, the winner is

Based on my experience with both, I would say that the Janome HD3000 is the winner, even if it is not by a wide margin. Why? There are more stitches than the HD1000, and it includes a One-Step Buttonhole feature that the HD1000 does not have, and it has a 2.5mm wider stitch width, 4 more dog feeds, as well as a sturdier body construction. 

It is, however, up to you. If your work requirements match HD1000, do not choose HD3000, and if your work requirements match HD3000, do not choose HD1000.