How to sew patches on jeans with sewing machine – 6 Simple Steps

I know you have come here to find out How to sew patches on jeans with a sewing machine. If this is the case, then you are lucky to find us. 

How to sew patches on jeans with sewing machine

Whether you have a TORN denim jeans, shirt, etc., or want to sew a unique design, the best solution is to stitch a beautiful and decent PATCH on it. And I am pretty sure most of you will be aware of patches, but the biggest concern is how to stitch a patch using the best sewing machine. 

Don’t worry; it is easier if you have the right tools and follow the right technique in a definite format. So let’s stitch a patch on jeans together. 

Important Supplies You Should Have

You must have good sewing machine accessories to start the process because missing a single supplement can increase your working period. 

Important Supplies You Should Have to sew patches on your jeans
  1. Sewing machine: It is your first and foremost important equipment. Simply a regular sewing machine can be enough for you, but for the best results, ensure that it has a zigzag stitch function so that you can sew around the edges of patches easily. You can also use a sewing machine with a removable platform if you want.
  2. Scissors: there are different sewing scissors, but you will need a regular one for daily fabric-cutting work. 
  3. Needle and threads: you need needles and threads as well. You can choose any sewing thread, but for a better finish, go for the thread that matches the colour of the jeans. 
  4. Patches: you also need different types of patches. When getting a patch for your torn jeans, ensure the patch’s colour matches your jeans. 
  5. Pressing iron: It is also an extremely handy tool that you must have during sewing patches. Because with this, you can remove all the wrinkles on the jeans and patches so that the sewing machine presser foot can run smoothly.

Practical Steps on How To Sew Patches On Jeans With Sewing Machine

Now that we have gathered the things needed to fix the hole in our pants, it’s time to get into patching, sewing, and creativity.

Step 1: Choose the right patch for your jean

  1. First, choose the right patch. It should be made of denim or another sturdy fabric and large enough to cover the hole completely.
  2. I measure both the height and width of the torn part of the jeans, then select a patch according to it. In most cases, I take a patch 2 inches taller and wider than the torn area so that it can cover the hole completely. 
  3. Also, before stitching a patch on your jeans, ensure that you have washed the jeans completely, as there will be no way to remove dirt or debris after sewn into the fabric.

Step 2: Cutting the patch properly

  1. After selecting the appropriate patch, the next crucial step is cutting it. This is the most important step, as cutting wrongly can waste this patch, and you must arrange another one. 
  2. Take a big patch, press it gently for half a minute, then lay it flat on the torn area of the jeans. Then start cutting it 2 inches wider and taller than the hole. 
  3. Once you’ve cut out the patch, remove the jeans and set them aside. Now your jeans and patch are ready; the next step is going practical with them. Ok! 

Step 3: Prepare your sewing machine

  1. Now you need to prepare a sewing machine. You don’t require specialised ones, rather go for any machine you have. But if you have a sewing machine with a removable free-arm function, then it will be better. But it is an optional case. 
  2. Thread your sewing machine with a specific thread according to the colour of the patch. Adjust thread tension to a moderate level. 
  3. You can select straight stitches, but for better results, I suggest you choose zigzag ones to make better stitches with a wider path. 

Step 4: Turn the jean inside out

  1. Now turn your jeans inside out to place your patch on the underside. This will decrease tearing or coming loose over time. In addition, it will help prevent the patchwork from becoming visible outside of the jeans.
  2. To turn the jeans inside out, fold them in half. 
  3. Once the jeans are turned inside out, you are almost ready to begin sewing your patches into place!

Step 5: Let’s start the sewing process

  1. First, use straight pins to attach the patch to the jeans and hold it securely. Then take the jeans with a patch, and place it flat on the sewing machine under the presser foot so that the needle points directly at the patch. 
  2. Start by threading a needle with twice as much thread as the patch. Once the thread is tied, knot it.
  3. Now lower the presser foot and start sewing on the half inch away from the torn edge so that it doesn’t tear again with time. 
  4. Tie off the thread once you have completed the whole circumference of the patch. Here’s the good news; everything is done! Remember to remove the pins as you start sewing.

Step 6: Giving a final touch

  1. After you have done all the above steps, now you need to end everything. Unthread your sewing machine, take up a presser foot, take out the finished project, and then take a sewing clipper. 
  2. Remove all the unwanted fabrics from the patch’s edges, but be careful not to cut too close to the patch, or you may end up with frayed edges.

Few Tips On How To Sew Patches On Jeans With A Sewing Machine

  1. First, be careful not to sew too close to the edge of the patch, as this can cause it to fray. 
  2. Second, remove all pins from the fabric before you start sewing, as they can get caught in the machine. 
  3. Sew patches 2 inches taller or wider than the hole of the jeans. 
  4. To ensure even and consistent stitches, sew slowly, take a few pauses after every 3 to 4 inches of stitching, sew the result, and start it again. 
  5. Sewing patches on jeans doesn’t depend upon your skill level of sewing, so whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can do it.

Now that we have gathered the things needed to fix the hole in our pants, it’s time to get into patching, sewing, and some creativity, of course.

Final, a few words

Being an experienced seamstress, I tried my best to answer how to sew patches on jeans with a sewing machine. Adding patches to your jeans is one way to accomplish this. 

This way, you can choose patches that complement the style of your jeans and add a personal touch. Sewing patches onto your jeans is also a great way to save money and extend their life in the long run. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I sew patches on jeans with all types of sewing machines?

Ans: Sewing patches on jeans doesn’t depend upon the type of sewing machine. It means you can do it easily by having any regular machine. But make sure not to use mini or handheld ones. 

Q2. Which stitch should I use for patching jeans?

Ans: You can sew patches on jeans with regular straight stitches, but for better results, go for the zigzag stitches so that the design doesn’t tear with time.

Q3. Should I sew a patch on the outside?

Ans: No, this practice is highly not recommended because this way, the edges will be visible, making the jeans look ugly. So to avoid this problem, make sure you turn the item inside out before you start sewing.

Q4. Can I put a patch without sewing?

Ans: Yes, you can; you have to lay it down gently on a flat surface, then apply the iron firmly for some time. Then take a thread almost double the size of the patch and insert it in the hand needle. Then you can do this.

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