10 Tips for How to Find Time for Sewing in 2023

How to Find Time for Sewing

It’s the 21st century, and LIFE is chock-full of responsibilities. Some people don’t even have spare time to work out. As sewing is a passion of people, they always want to know how to find time for sewing. 

Through my own experience, I have changed dozens of techniques, and finally, these 10 roles have transformed my life, which I also recommend to you. Although some are difficult at first, they will become easier with time. 

Let’s start with each one by one…

How To Find Time for Sewing 2023

1. Manage your 24 Hours

Manage your 24 Hours for sewing

We are so fortunate to have 24 hours per day, which is 1440 minutes. By managing these minutes in a useful way, we can perform plenty of tasks easily. 

Start with a small project, devote at least an hour, and then the remaining 23 hours will be free for you to do other things. 

Nevertheless, if your work is demanding, for example, 3 hours, then you need to take out 3 hours, but not continuously, since you should take one hour break between each 3-hour block to give yourself internal peace. 

The importance of time management is considered more important than believing that I have 24 hours a day. Why? Because we have 24 hours, it is useless if we cannot devote even an hour to sewing. 

It is, therefore, important for every sewer, whether newbies or professionals, to have a set time for sewing because time planning reduces stress while allowing you to accomplish more in a day.

2. Use a high-quality sewing machine.

Use a high-quality sewing machine

It’s a good idea to buy the best sewing machine. You will save yourself the hassle of investing repeatedly. 

With a powerful sewing machine, you’ll want to sew more and more, while with a poor engine, repairing it repeatedly will bore you. 

The necessities, such as needles, scissors, bobbins, and fabrics, should be arranged near your sewing machine and must be high-end. This way, you’re sure to take the time to sew properly. 

3. Always wake up early

Always wake up early

Successful people adopt this behavior to have more time for innovation and creativity. Therefore, I highly recommend you wake up early at 5 a.m., do some exercise, sew for 30 minutes or 1 hour, take a break, and go to work if necessary. Once you return, take a break and then start sewing again. 

4. Set your work routine

Set your work routine

When you wake up, you should know what to do today. If not done, the lack of this working ethic will prevent you from freeing up time for sewing, and as a result, you might even stop sewing.

It is important to know your priorities when you wake up; if you have 5 tasks to complete in a day, each takes 2 hours so you will meet them within 10 hours. Therefore, you must wake up early while sleeping for only 8 hours. As a result, you will have 16 hours remaining, which you can use to accomplish those 5 tasks of 10 hours, but you will still have 6 hours left to complete your sewing projects.

5. Make a sewing plan in advance

Make a sewing plan in advance

If you are not a regular sewer, I recommend you sew on weekends. There will be plenty of time to do whatever you want on Saturday and Sunday. Once you get home from work on Friday, write down your schedule for Saturday and Sunday, and then get up early, exercise, eat breakfast, and start sewing, as weekends are also a time for family outings that need time too. 

6. Organize A Perfect Sewing Room

Organize A Perfect Sewing Room

You need to arrange a perfect sewing room to increase your productivity and work ethic. IN contrast, if a sewing room does not have any arrangement for tools, etc., then as you enter, you’ll think it’s dirty and disorganized, which will put you off from sewing. 

7. Don’t Use Phone During Sewing

Don't Use Phone During Sewing

For me, using mobile and social media increase people’s creativity and knowledge, but at the same time, they are like poisons that will waste your precious time. 

One thing to consider is how much time you spend scrolling Facebook, Instagram, or playing games. So as you enter your sewing machine room, the first and foremost thing is to switch off your mobile.

However, I change my WhatsApp status and say, NOT AVAILABLE FOR 1 HOUR (for an hour of working); that way, I won’t get phone calls for an hour. You should do the same as well. 

8. Note Your Uncompleted Projects

Note Your Uncompleted Projects

When you get any sewing projects, you should place them at eye level so that you can see them when you enter the room. Doing so will increase your enthusiasm for completing the project, and you will be motivated to sew. 

The room arrangement is important for that purpose. Therefore you should place unfinished clothes in the closet above the sewing machine under your easy approach and eyesight

9. Feel as if someone wants a project immediately

Whenever you sew for others, you should consider your clients’ needs. They will need the clothes prepared exactly when they need them, so you must prepare them as early as possible. This way, you will be compelled to find time for sewing if you think about others first.

10. Eat healthy food for an active lifestyle

Eat healthy food for an active lifestyle

It may seem silly to you. Do you think so? Having healthy food can help you take time out for sewing. By eating healthily, you will be active throughout the day, so you will want to do different jobs to use the energy you gain.

Final thoughts

So I hope these 10 points have given you motivation and also will help you do more sewing than before. Meanwhile, these points will not only help you to increase your productivity in sewing but also in non-sewing activities as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the 5 Tips for finding time for sewing?

1. Always use the right and high-quality sewing machines and tools.
2. Work in groups, have snacks and listen to your favourite music.
3. Arrange a perfect sewing room with a cozy environment.
4. Manage your day appropriately. 
5. Divide the work into small fragments. 

Should I use a mobile during sewing?

I will never suggest you use a mobile during sewing because it will distract you from your goal. So switch it off for the time you sew, and then you can use it.