How much should I pay for a sewing machine in 2023 – Price Comparison

Sewing machines are manufactured in industries with a mixture of metals and other parts; therefore, they have a set price according to size and features. 

So many people always ask, how much should I pay for a sewing machine? Especially right now in 2023, when inflation is skyrocketing. 

To keep it short, an average sewing machine costs approximately $80 for an entry-level product and upwards of $2000. However, mini sewing machines like handheld machines can cost you as little as $15 to $40 based on the manufacturer and their features. But for an advanced machine with modern luxuries, you will have to pay between $10,000 to $25,000. 

Disclaimer: In the blog about how much I should pay for a sewing machine, the prices shown are from January 2022, so if you buy any sewing machine and find them higher than what is shown below, then it is possible since prices change regularly and don’t stay the same. 

How Much are Sewing Machines in 2023?

1. Sewing Machine Prices By BRANDS


$170 to $400

For mid-range models, prices range from $170 to $400, but for higher-end models, such as Baby Lock Altair Sewing and Embroidery Machines, their costs can exceed $9000.



Bernina is known for producing some of the most expensive models. In other words, Bernina sewing machines can range from $200 for basic models to as high as $25000 for the Bernina Q20 and Q24 models, considered the most expensive machines in the world. 


For beginners, Brother costs $150 to $200. Modern computerized ones cost between $500 and $700. Models with embroidery and sewing capabilities cost $18000 for the most expensive ones. 


$169 to $8000

Based on the features, Janome makes sewing machines starting at $169 to $8000. They are known for making durable and reliable sewing machines.


Juki, a Japanese brand, manufactures basic sewing machines starting at $200 for entry-level models, $1600 for the best domestic models, and $5000 for computerized quilting models. Some advanced models cost $11000.


Singer Company aims to keep the price as low as possible without compromising quality. These models range from $84 for entry-level models for beginners to $1099 for quilting models.

2. Prices By Additional FEATURES 

Sewing machines also vary in price based on the features they have. 


  • In most cases, a modest machine with some stitch options, no touchscreen, USB connectivity, and other features will cost less than $500. 
  • Sewing machines with features such as an Automatic Buttonholer, Feed-Dog Adjustment, Good Ergonomics and Controls, Needle Position, Needle Threader, touchscreen navigation system, USB connectivity, throat space for quilting, etc., will be more expensive. 

3. Sewing Machine Prices By SIZE 

Full-sized/domestic sewing machines

These sewing machines are the market’s most common and widely used ones. You will find them almost everywhere, whether you are a shopkeeper, an industrial user, or a home user. 

Due to their advanced technology, they are also more expensive than mind-sized and handheld sewing machines. 

Prices start at $85 and can go up to $2500 based on advanced features. 

Note: Some Bernina models can even cost you more than $10,000 and even as much as $25,000! 

Handheld sewing machines

Sewing machines are designed for small sewing parts of clothing. You can even keep these sewing machines in your pocket rather than keeping them at home. 

They are also cheap, costing between $15 and $40, depending on the features. 

Mid-Sized Sewing Machines 

As far as size is concerned, they are neither as small as handheld sewing machines nor as large as full-sized sewing machines. Due to their user-friendliness, you can use them to teach sewing to kids and beginners. 

Starting at $25, these machines can go up to $50. I hope you now have an idea of their prices. 

4. Sewing machine prices by their functionalities

Commercial sewing machine

Sewing machines like these are designed for sewing fabrics at the country level in industries. Because of this, they are expensive and have various features. 

Depending on the model, their prices may range from $300 to $5000. 

Household sewing machine

As the name suggests, they are used by women to sew fabrics for their babies, and some Asian women even make money from them. 

There aren’t any expensive sewing machines, and you can get higher-end models for $1000. 

Heavy-duty sewing machine

They are used for sewing leather, canvas, and other harder materials that household sewing machines can’t stitch. Besides being used in shops and industries, you can also use them at home. 

The prices can range from as low as $159 for the POOLIN Sewing Machine Heavy Duty to as high as around $500 in the case of other higher models. 

Quilting sewing machine

Depending on the stitches selected, quilting sewing machines produce different patterns. They are more advanced than heavy-duty ones because they use bigger needles and require more throat space. 

Because of these factors, you have to pay between $150 and even $11,000 for some Bernina products. 

Embroidery sewing machine

They are fabric-specific machines, so you should only use them to make patterns or sew embroidery pieces. You can select different stitches for different designs using the touchscreen in most models. 

The price ranges from $300 to $3000, depending on the features. 

Serger sewing machine

Serger machines use overlock stitches to overcast fabric edges. Due to their vertical body structure and multiple thread spools, they differ from regular sewing machines. 

You can expect to pay between $200 and $2000 for some models. 

Should I Buy Online and Offline?

  • Benefits of buying online: I recommend buying online from Amazon, Walmart, and Sewingmachineplus if you live in a first-tier country. 
  • However, if you live in a country without Amazon warehouses, avoid buying since the shipping costs for sewing machines can often be higher than the actual price, which doubles your investment. 
  • Buying offline at local stores: Families who like to shop together should go to retail stores nearby, especially in countries without Amazon or Walmart warehouses. To find the best deals, you must research online to estimate the price, then go to your local store.  


I hope the question you asked, how much should I pay for a sewing machine, has been answered. 

After hours of brainstorming and searching online on Amazon and other stores, I gathered your exact prices. 

So read each one and know the rates. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I buy an expensive sewing machine or a cheap one?

Depending on your requirements, high-end models are recommended if you work too intensively; however, if you are learning, consider entry-level models. 

Furthermore, if you are a fashion designer, embroidery models are a good choice. However, everyone should have at least one handheld sewing machine for emergency sewing of cuffs during travel or anywhere else. 

How much does a mini handheld sewing machine cost?

The price depends upon the brands and features, but the average price starts from $15 and can go to around $40.

Is Buying a sewing machine worth the investment?

Once you master the art of sewing, buying a sewing machine can be pretty handy because it will increase your creativity and can also be beneficial for mental health.