How much is an old Kenmore sewing machine worth? top 10

How much is an old Kenmore sewing machine worth

Do you have a passion for old-fashioned or vintage sewing machines? If yes, you have come across the name Kenmore numerous times. But one thing that can be quite daunting for you is to know the price of these sewing machines as they are a little rare nowadays. 

Don’t worry, here I will tell you in detail about the Kenmore and clarify, how much is an old Kenmore sewing machine worth? In addition, we explain how to identify your Kenmore sewing machine and how to value it.

Got that? Let’s move toward the main topic!

How Much Is an Old Kenmore Sewing Machine Worth?

Kenmore is an American brand that manufactures household appliances and has been around for a century. It significantly impacted the 19th and 20th centuries and was known for its quality. 

However an old Kenmore sewing machine may cost you around $50 and $500, depending on their condition and rarity level.

Nevertheless, the exact price depends on the buyer’s and the owner’s interests. A buyer may purchase it from you for $120 and then sell it to someone else for $450, generating a profit of approximately $330.

How to determine my old Kenmore sewing machine’s value/price? 

To determine the exact value, you should carefully examine the following items.

Find the model number

The first thing is the model number because it tells about the manufacturers and years of manufacturing which are the most important things. For your convenience, I have explained the model number above. Go there and find out what it is.

Search online

The next crucial step is searching. First and foremost, an online search will be more prominent this time. Search on eBay or Etsy for the model number of your vintage sewing machine. There you will easily find the price of it.

If the product is not available, there is another option below.

Check offline in stores

After failing to know the price of your Kenmore sewing machine online, you should take it to your local antique shop. The shop owner will check the model number and calculate your price there.

Fixing costs and overall condition

After you have finalized the price, you need to do something more. You have to check the overall condition; if any part is damaged, you need to replace it, which increases the price.
For example, if your machine is worth $135 without fixing, you bought a new bobbin for $5, and the overall price should be $140. Then you decide how much profit you need.

Age of machine

Yes, age is also important because many owners or buyers like the old ones, which are more valuable than the new sewing machines. But why? Because they are more reliable, sturdy, robust, and long-lasting except for the contemporary features.

Sell it

After going through all the above steps, it is time to sell your Old Kenmore Sewing Machine. But many people still don’t want to sell it. They do the above steps only to know about the value; then, they will start to care more about it.

Note: One of my friends sold his old Kenmore sewing machine with model number 117 for a whopping $289 because of its condition.

Kenmore sewing machine model identification?

When looking for the model number of an old Kenmore sewing machine, most people cannot locate it. Why? Because the location of the model number usually differs from model to model. But the model number is present primarily on the bottom base or, in some cases, on the side of the machine.

A sewing machine’s model number is crucial in determining its value because it tells whether the machine is old or new. The model number consists of three numeric digits such as 117, 148, 158, etc. These are the manufacturer’s identification numbers for the sewing machines.

For instance, if your Kenmore machine has model number 117, it means White manufactured it during the 1940s.

Got that? Let’s move towards each model’s explanation one by one.

Top 10 most famous models of old Kenmore Sewing Machines

Date of productionModel NumberKenmore Sewing machine name
1934117.813Kenmore Standard Rotary
1938117.26Kenmore Long Shuttle
1940117.959Kenmore model
1950Model 54Kenmore
1956117.740Kenmore Zigzag automatic
1958Model 89Lady Kenmore
All Models of Kenmore

What to do after buying a vintage Kenmore sewing machine

When you purchase a piece for yourself, it will be too dirty, full of rust and mud, and its internal parts will jam. The next step is to make some improvements as detailed below:

  • First, remove all mud from the surface and internal parts by brushing gently. Ensure that you review this step twice with a stiff brush.
  • The next step is removing the sewing machine’s rust using a stiff brush and chemicals.
  • Having removed the dust and rust, the next step is to oil all the parts because vintage sewing machines are not used for too long, thus causing their internal parts to jam. 
  • One of the most important things to do is to replace the sewing machine’s needle if it has been bent or damaged.
  • Be sure to insert new needles and know what types of needles are compatible with your Kenmore sewing machine. 
  • Once you have completed all these steps, you can sew anything with your vintage sewing machine.

Note: You should also check other parts, such as the bobbin, needle clamp screw, etc.; if they need to be replaced, do so.

Where can I buy a vintage Kenmore?

Those who love vintage products still like old Kenmore more than the latest Singer, Juki, etc. It is because they know that old products are long-lasting and will last very long.
But most of them think that in 2022 they will not find vintage models. But don’t worry, they are still available. I will explain the steps below, and everything will be resolved then.

Search Online

The easiest way is to pick up your mobile, open your laptop, and then Google eBay or Etsy. You will find a variety of old Kenmore Sewing Machines by simply typing the name.
Keep in mind: You can not find any vintage Kenmore products on Amazon.

Search offline

You will need to locate an antique store in your area, then go there and inquire about any model you desire. Various old ones are available there, both in sound and poor condition.

Second-hand shops

Finally, the last option is going to thrift stores nearby, where you can also find Old Kenmore Sewing Machines. But make sure you check all its parts before finalizing a piece.

Advantages and disadvantages of an old Kenmore Sewing Machine


  • The items are historical
  • They are more powerful
  • Their construction quality is exceptionally durable
  • They are simple to use
  • They don’t become rusted quickly
  • They are cheaper than the new ones


  • They are cumbersome
  • They are not diverse
  • Few stitching options are available
  • They are too outdated and look aesthetically unappealing
  • Today’s generation does not find them to be ideal
  • They are slow


We have now reached the end of this article in which I have explained how much is an old Kenmore sewing machine worth. To clarify this particular point, I have provided you with all the relevant information. Hope you can understand everything.

Now that you have read this article, I am confident that you will be able to value your old sewing machine, determine its model number, country of origin, etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of my old Kenmore sewing machine?

You can easily value your Kenmore sewing machine by considering the model, condition of the vintage machine, and company. In short, you can expect to pay between $50 and $500 for an average old one.

2. How to find the age of an old sewing machine?

Sewing machines less than 100 years old are considered old or vintage. Go online and search the model number to determine the age if it matches the corresponding date.

3. Should I buy an old Kenmore sewing machine?

Well, it all depends on your preferences. If you are an antique enthusiast, you may consider purchasing it. Nevertheless, if you intend to use it at work, you should avoid it and instead choose the latest models, which are more feature-rich.

4. How much is an old Kenmore sewing machine worth has discussed in detail about this article, visit this site to learn more.

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