How much does it cost to ship a sewing machine in 2023?

How much does it cost to ship a sewing machine

Sewing machines are too pricey, but when you add the cost of shipment, it can be heart-stopping. As a result, many people ask, how much does it cost to ship a sewing machine?

Let me tell you that shipping sewing machines will be cheap and an extensive process. 

Therefore, I will explain every detail of it below in this guide so that you know exactly what to do. 

How much does it cost to ship a sewing machine in 2023? Everything is explained

In short, it depends upon how far you will ship your best sewing machine, and also it depends upon the size and weight of the machine. 

Let’s take the example of the USA. It will cost you around 0.71 USD per mile to ship machinery under 1000 miles and $12.39 per mile to ship machinery under 100 miles within the USA in 2023. 

Below are a few examples of sending sewing machines from the USA to Other countries. 

  • To Canada: $40-$500 (depending upon sewing machine weight and extra accessories and location distance from place in the USA and Canada). 
  • To Australia: $150 (depending upon sewing machine weight and extra accessories and location distance from place in the USA and Europe).
  • To Europe: $100 per item (depending upon sewing machine weight and extra accessories and location distance from place in the USA and Europe).

It sounds too simple. But wait, it is more than what you think. 

You need to consider these points before preparing for shipping such as:

  • Size of the box.
  • Weight of a sewing machine.
  • Place you live in.
  • How far you will send it.
  • Extra accessories.
  • Dollar prices.
  • Packaging materials.

Moreover, it may sound weird that sometimes not always, shipping a sewing machine can be more expensive than the sewing machine itself. Now you may think, how? So let me tell you that you need to pay for packaging materials, shipping fees, handling, extra taxes, and if you need an urgent shipment, then additional money. 

How to Save Money While Sending A Sewing Machine? 

Money is extremely important but what is more important is saving it. Here are the 3 proven methods that will help you keep your time and money when shipping a sewing machine from one location to another. 

1. Greyhound bus lines

Greyhound bus lines

Greyhound bus lines, with the largest bus service in North America and 230 bus stations, can be affordable if you are from North America. 

Shipping one box will cost you about $44 if you pick it up and drop it off at a specific Greyhound station yourself. The delivery to your door will cost $168. 

For more details, contact them on their Customer service: 00 1 214-849-8100

2. UPS


This can also be a great alternative if you want to ship your sewing machine elsewhere. Luckily, they have grounds and air facilities and different prices. 

Generally, they will cost you around $25 from California to the Midwest or Vice versa. 

3. The US Post Office

The US Post Office

This can be an extremely cheap option because it is run by the US Federal government, charging much less depending on the product’s weight. 

For example, for 10 pounds USPS, they will charge you only 9 USD. 

Call them or visit your nearest Port office in the US for further details. 

4. Freight Companies

Freight Companies

When you want to send a sewing machine out of your country, the best way is Freight Companies because they are relatively cheap compared to flights. 

You would have to drop it off, and your customer would pick up the package here, but the savings may be worth it.

How To Ship A Sewing Machine Safely in 2023?

1. Shipping Place

The first and foremost point is that you should know where you will ship a sewing machine; then, it may be easier to know the exact price and what to do. 

Suppose you are sending a machine from China to the USA. Then it will cost you around $4 to $8 per kilo. However, it varies from country to country and city to city. 

2. Calculate the Weight and Body Dimensions

Before sending a sewing machine, you should consider the sewing machine’s height, length, weight, and width, as most of the couriers measure these points and tell you the price per mile and kg. 

Note, If you have a handheld sewing machine, the cost will be less than a bigger sewing machine. 

3. Method of Shipment

Shipping methods can have a great impact on the overall cost of shipment. Because different companies have different rules and procedures for transportation, some usually take hours to send, and some take days, but first, know how far you’re sending. 

If you are sending machines too far within the USA or any other country, then a freight company can be the best option only if you are not in a hurry. However, if in a hurry, consider flights but ensure the price will be higher.

4. Who will pack?

After finalising the above aspects, the next crucial factor is who will do the packing. If you don’t do it yourself but rather let senders do it, they will charge you for their time, customer services, packing material, and extra charges. This will increase the overall cost of shipment. 

On the other hand, if you buy packing material and do all the packing work yourself, the cost will go down. (Note: below, I will explain how to do packing at home). 

5. Charges for extras

You will likely send other sewing machine accessories such as threads, needles, presser feet, some fabrics (very rarely), and a sewing machine table sometimes. 

Then you will have to pay more because for that, you will need to have more than one packing box, and they will charge you separately for each container depending upon the weight of the packages.

6. Time of Shipment

Many people don’t take this point seriously, but it is extremely important. Why? Because if you want your sewing machine to be shipped early to a customer or family member, then the shipping company will charge more as an Urgent Fee. However, the price will be less if you follow their time rule. 

7. Final decision

Now that you have made up your mind while knowing all the above points, the last step is calling or emailing the shipping company. 

Different companies have different rates, so give all the details such as the destination (exact and complete address), weight and machine body dimension (be accurate), shipping method (boat or aero plane), who will do the packing (you or shipping company), when you need (urgent or normal), and complete lists of all accessories (weight of each product). 

After that, they will send you the pricing details on call or email you after calculating the rates for the desired location. 

How To Properly Pack A Sewing Machine?

Finding the exact and widely accepted one can take much work with many packaging methods. But don’t worry. The below way is acceptable worldwide. 

  • First of all, purchase the right-sized shipping box. 
  • When shipping your sewing machine, wrap it thoroughly with bubble wrap to prevent your machine from moving and scratching. 
  • To protect the sewing machine from damage, place the sewing machine in a box and fill the container with foam peanuts. 
  • Then, seal the box’s opening with packing tape and tape the corners to prevent them from tearing apart. 
  • Additionally, you should remove all the moving parts like handles, levers, etc. You should also remove the needles, and sewing threads, clean the sewing machine and remove the presser foot (which is unimportant). 
  • Label the box, so your address, name, email, mobile number, and endpoint address are visible. 


Telling the exact prices for sending a sewing machine can be tricky, especially in 2023, when rates go up and down frequently. 

But according to my experience, I told you all the proven strategies and how to pack a sewing machine so that you do all the steps yourself to save money. 

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!