Can I use a Singer bobbin in a Brother sewing machine?

Can I use a Singer bobbin in a Brother sewing machine

If you have switched to the Brother brand from Singer, but have the bobbins of Singer, then you may think, Can I use a Singer bobbin in a Brother sewing machine

At first glance, you will realize that YES, you can use it, but NO, don’t make this mistake. Because there are different sewing machine accessories, every accessory has its usage. 

I decided to write this article for all types of sewers who damage their sewing machines while making this mistake without research.

Can I use a Singer bobbin in a Brother sewing machine?

It mainly depends upon the model of a Brother sewing machine and your overall expertise. If the Singer bobbin fits the Brother sewing machine’s bobbin holder and case, you are good to go. Otherwise, I recommend you choose the right-sized and appropriate bobbin for better results. 

Buying a sewing machine bobbin is pretty cheap, so I recommend that you purchase brand-specific bobbins according to the sewing machine brand you have. 

Because saving a few dollars can cause damage to your expensive sewing machine. So first, know the purpose of the sewing machine bobbin, types, and other details, then it will be easy for you. 

What Brother Sewing Machine Company Says?

Brother Sewing Machine Company

According to Brother Company’s Official Website, you should use high-quality genuine Brother-made bobbins to fit perfectly in the bobbin case and holder. However, you may not have the desired results if you use anything other than recommended. 

Brother Sewing and Embroidery Bobbins 10-Pack, SA156, High-Quality Clear Plastic Bobbins.

These bobbins are only compatible with the following machines: 

  • PE770.
  • LS2125i.
  • XL2230.
  • XL2600i.
  • XL2610.
  • XL3510.
  • XL3750.
  • ES2000.
  • CP6500.
  • CP7500.
  • 1034D.
  • PC210PRW.
  • PC420PRW.
  • SE400.
  • LB6800PRW.

You should only use this bobbin for the abovementioned machines. 

Why Should You Use Brother-Specific Bobbins?

Why Should You Use Brother-Specific Bobbins?

The following are the main reasons behind this story:

  1. Brother bobbins are rightly made, keeping in mind the ergonomics of Brother sewing machines. 
  2. Their size and overall body dimensions match the sewing machine’s bobbin mechanism. 
  3. Brother sewing machines can spin Brother bobbins exactly at a consistent pace. 
  4. These bobbins can easily fit inside the bobbin case of Brother. 
  5. If you use any bobbin other than required by the brand, then your lower thread tension may be disturbed due to loose stitches leading to skipped stitches issues. 

Why Can I not use Singer Bobbin with Brother sewing machines?

Reason 1

  • It is necessary to insert a bobbin into a bobbin case and then insert it into a bobbin holder, which varies from machine to machine and brand. 
  • Brother’s bobbin holders differ from those of Singer Bobbins, which is why you cannot insert Singer Bobbins into Brother bobbin holders. 
  • However, there are a few Singer bobbins that you can use SINGER® Class 15 Transparent Bobbins, but again, use the right type of bobbins. 

Reason 2

  • There are three types of bobbins: plastic, metal, and aluminium, each with its capabilities. 
  • For instance, you should only use metal bobbins if your Brother sewing machine uses metal ones. The same is for other bobbins as well. 
  • If your Singer bobbin is made of aluminium and your Brother sewing machine takes aluminium bobbins, you can use it, but make sure first to check if there are jamming issues, then buy a Brother bobbin. 


Bobbins help your sewing machine make lower stitches and adjust tension for better results. Therefore always select the appropriate type looking towards the type and brand of your sewing machine. 

So I hope everything explained in this blog post will be clear as I tried to comprehend everything in simple words. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Singer bobbin fit in a Brother Sewing Machine?

You can use Singer Bobbins with Brother sewing machines in most cases. Still, I recommend using the Brother Bobbins with your Brother sewing machine for better results and to avoid bobbin jamming.

Can I use all types of bobbins in a Brother Sewing machine?

Bobbins come in various sizes and are made of different materials, such as metal, plastic, and aluminium. So a single sewing machine can take only a specific type of bobbin; if you insert any other one, the result will be obscure.

Should I interchange sewing machine bobbins?

Bobbins are made of different materials, such as plastics, aluminium, and metal. So thread tension is set according to the material. Let’s suppose your sewing machine can take plastic bobbins, then pressure is set according to it, but then you install Metal bobbins that need different tension settings, so as a result, thread breaking may enhance. So that is why we always go for the specific bobbin according to the brand.