Brother LX3817a Review 2023-best value for money

Brother LX3817a Review

Brother LX3817A is the best sewing machine for beginners who need high-quality features on a limited budget. With its user-friendly interface, plenty of useful stitches, accessories, portability, etc., this can easily be the best machine. 

I reviewed it from 360 dimensions to test it with different fabrics at varying speed levels; it can handle different situations. I also explained what I didn’t like about it as this machine has a few drawbacks that are worth reading before making a purchase. 

So without taking time, let’s get straight into complete details. So let’s get straight into the brother lx3817a review

Brother LX3817a

Brother LX3817a Review

The First Impression: Brother Lx3817a Design and Look

Let me be a bit generous because there’s nothing but good about Brother Lx3817a mechanical machine’s design and overall style.

The package was delivered perfectly without any inconvenience. And I received the following things along with the sewing machine;

  • Accessory storage pouch
  • 4 bobbins
  • Darning plate
  • 4 Foot: Zipper, Button sewing, Zigzag, and Buttonhole
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle set
  • 25 years limited warranty card

As soon as I picked the sewing machine out of the box, a loud wow came out of my mouth. It’s sleek and has a beautiful heart-shaped pattern on a durable metal cover. gif maker 1 5

Another thing, it is only 12.85 pounds with limited dimensions, making it the most lightweight and compact machine.

The table or bed space is around 5.5 inches only (which can be a combo of ease and trouble depending on the type of sewing you do).

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Included Presser Feet 

After reading Brother LX3817a Review, you may have gotten that this is a pretty handful sewing machine, so that is why you will get different presser feet for your basic needs. Among the feet, you can get the following feet like

Zipper foot, Buttonhole foot, Button Stitch foot, and Zipper foot. 

So if you want to make more designs with it, you need to purchase more. OK.

Brother LX3817A Review: Features and Benefits

You might be already tired of listening to my stories, so let’s just jump into its features and specifications:

Beginner-friendly Handy Machine

Don’t judge me for using a beginner and intermediate leveled sewing machine. Although we all can get hands-on with multiple sewing machine’s models, right?

Well, because of its simple design and functions with less advanced integrations, this machine can be your good companion in helping you start your sewing journey.

If you are an expert, you can still consider it but make sure it can’t be a really good option for tough projects.

You can use it for routine sewing, DIY projects, buttonholes, and mending. Nothing fancy, but it can be your go-to machine to help you handle your daily life sewing problems.

17 Built-in Stitches

17 Built-in Stitches

Compared to Brother GX37 (which is also a mechanical sewing machine), the number of Brother Lx3817a stitches is quite low, and it’s only compatible with less intensive decorative work and DIY projects.

You can change the type of stitches from the dial attached to the front of the machine.

It includes six straight stitches, two blind hems, overedge, 4 zigzags, elastic and double action.

I tried hemming and sewing patches of a few hard materials, such as jeans and denim.

And for me, it was clear this machine is not for denim or leather, but you can still try some less intensive work on lighter jeans.

Free Arm Sewing Addition

The Brother sewing machine comes with a free arm which I find a pretty good addition. It stores small sewing accessories such as thread and bobbins.

I pulled the free arm out for stitching sleeves and easily slid the fabric.

Also, it doesn’t bunch the cloth while sewing giving you ease to handle both larger and smaller parts of your sewing project. 

LED Light Focus

LED Light Focus

It’s the most useful integration; while sewing multiple fabrics, the LED light helps you keep track of your stitches and sew smoothly.

NOTE: light is a very important stuff while offering as a tailor! you must have a minimal range of light for performing well, click here to know about the suitable lightening range for your sewing room.

Drop-in Top Bobbin

Drop-in Top Bobbin

It’s so far the only advanced addition; the jam-resistant bobbin drop-in option doesn’t require you to hold and fix the bobbin in the slot.

Pro tip: If your machine suffered from jamming then you should have a solution for it ASAP!

Rather you just need to open the case and put the bobbin in the slot directly.

Motor Capacity And Speed

I didn’t mind 850 stitches per minute as it’s more than enough for a compact and handy machine like Brother Lx3817a.

I was able to sew soft and lighter fabrics quite quickly. However, its motor can not handle hard materials. And you would have to change the needle frequently if you try stitching one.

Free Motion Sewing

free motion embroidery

Although it’s not an embroidery machine, you can still enjoy a free stitching experience. I usually prefer free-motion design.

So, I tried doing that by making cat and flowers pattern on cotton cushions. It was a great experience as I faced no breakthroughs or hurdles.

Reverse Stitching

Before buying Brother Lx3817a, I read a few reviews about its reverse stitching. So, I gave it a try.

I placed the fabric on the table and started sewing; after a few stitches, I tried back and forth needle moving to reverse sewing.

But I felt a bit of tension in the thread and overall machine working. So, I guess you might have tough time sewing in the reverse direction.

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Comparison of Brother LX3817a with its counterparts, Brother Lx3817 and Brother LX3817G

Brother LX3817a
71laPpC3hpL. AC SX679
Brother Lx3817
81S7ucrBd8L. AC SL1500
Brother LX3817G

Well, when I first picked Brother LX3817a, then after using it for a few days, I also found more variations of this model. Then I researched about all and found that all are completely different, but the color makes them different. 

YES, Brother LX3817 is Pure White with A Blue Paisley accent on it; however, the next Brother LX3817G is Grey with Geometric Paint on its body. However, the one I have, Brother Lx3817a, is aqua. 

So it means they all are the same in terms of features, weight, body dimensions, and much more; only the color is different. So don’t worry if you have one of them. 

Note These Points For Buying – My Personal Experience

1. It is not for tougher fabrics. 

After giving it a try with tougher materials like leather and denim, this cannot be the best option here because its needle cannot penetrate through these fabrics easily. 

But what is more interesting is that when I researched the main reasons, I found Brother Company saying that any fabric thicker than 6mm is not recommended. 

2. Advanced sewers should stay away. 

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned that beginners might find it the best sewing machine for day-to-day sewing. So, after plenty of research and checking all its features, I discovered that seasoned sewers should look elsewhere other than it. 


Because it has fewer stitches, only 17, limited sewing capabilities, is less powerful, ability to not sew tough fabrics, etc., have made it is a bad option for advanced sewers. 

However, it can be a great addition to their sewing projects if they want to use it only for occasional sewing alongside their heavy-duty models. 

So be cautious here as well. 

3.Be cautious with operating it.

Being a mechanical sewing machine, it is easy to set up. Connect it with the main electricity and connect the foot pedal as well. Then press the foot pedal, nothing more than that. 

But make sure you press its foot pedal tight enough or release it immediately, as the spring inside the pedal may damage. And also need to check the wires and cords, so they are plugged fast into the power supply. 


It needs an AC, so it may damage if you connect it to DC by chance. 

Is Brother LX3817a good for on-the-go sewers?

On-the-go sewers don’t stay in one place for sewing projects. They go from one place to another for their work. So for them, portability is the key, and with Brother LX3817a, they are on the safe side as it only weighs 12.85 pounds, making it lightweight. 

Next is its ergonomic molded handle on the back, through which you can pick it up and take it wherever you want to travel. Also, its small and compact body enables it to store easily in the room. 

In short, this is a lightweight and compact machine for beginners. 

Brother Lx3817a: Why It’s Getting The Hype in 2022

I’ve already discussed a lot about Brother Lx3817a features, but it’s common to think why this simple and handy machine is still getting many sewers’ attention.

Well, being easy to use and operate is the major reason. This handy machine is ideal for beginners and children who just want to get their hands on sewing.

And for adults like me who just get tired of routine work and want to spend some time doing creative work.

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Teeny Tiny Drawbacks of Brother Lx3817a

Honestly speaking, I cannot say if this machine has any flaws. But compared to other models, Brother Lx3817a could have at least major integrations.

Such as an automatic thread cutter, stitch length control, and a few automated functions as well. This machine also has less range of stitches and cannot handle hard materials.

On the contrary, all I can conclude is that the absence of these features can be compensated if the purpose of using this machine is to only work on small tasks.

What I like Or What I don’t like?

Things I like about Brother LX3817a

  • Lightweight
  • Beginner friendly
  • Highly portable
  • 25 years of warranty
  • Simple and convenient to use

Things I Don’t like about Brother LX3817a

  • Cannot handle thick fabrics
  • Not for experts
  • Difficult reverse sewing

Should You Buy Or Not? My Final Verdicts 

After using it for a few days, I tested almost all the features from different angles. This article explained all the good and bad sides of this machine above. 

So the last step is whether you should buy or not. Reading the above information will make it easier for you to decide according to your sewing skill level. But according to my experience, I suggest this sewing machine only to beginners because of a few features. 

So if you are an intermediate or a seasoned sewer, then this is not for you, so don’t invest in Brother LX3817A, and you can pick the best sewing machine here that will match your skill level.