Brother CP60X Review 2023 – Features, Specs, Design, etc

If you are a beginner looking for the best-computerized sewing machine that is lightweight, powerful, and packed with many features, then Brother CP60X may be a good choice. After reviewing it for a few days, I found many positive aspects and shortcomings.

It is a computerized sewing machine made primarily for beginners or even for intermediates, with plenty of stitches, a presser foot, accessories, and much more. To give you a clear understanding of it, my detailed Brother CP60X Review can help you a lot.

Before you buy this compact yet robust sewing machine, let’s look at what it offers, what I like about it, and what I dislike.


Quick Specifications

NameBrother CP60X
Country of OriginVietnam
Body Dimensions6.65″D x 16.26″W x 12.21″H
Weight of the product14 Pounds
Item Model NumberCP60X
Power SourceCorded Electric
AccessoriesYes, Included
Who Can Use?Beginners
Machine TypeComputerized
Screen TypeNot a Touchscreen
Stitch Options60 different styles
Stitch Length5mm
Stitch Width7mm
Sewing Speed750 SPM
Warranty25 Years

The first impression Brother CP60X Review: Design and Look

The first impression Brother CP60X Review

Commonly, the first impression is the last. The same goes here because as I took it out from the Box, I found plenty of accessories first listed in the next heading.

First, let me tell you about its sleek, slim, and compact design, and it can be better for beginners and on-the-go sewers. The product dimensions are also quite adequate, which are 6.65″D x 16.26″W x 12.21″H making it a compact, powerful machine.

brother cp60x buttons and lcd

Then when it comes to its buttons, there are just 4 Selection Buttons On The Right Around the LCD screen. You can select any settings from these buttons. Two are below the screen, and two are to the right of the screen.

Below the screen is a large vertical panel mentioning all the 60 stitches With Signs, which is helpful, and I also like it very much. As you might have noticed, thread tension adjustment is sometimes challenging, but Brother CP60X has a Dial mentioning numbers from 0 to 9 on the Below-left Side of the machine. You can adjust thread tension while rotating the dial according to your desired limit.

Moreover, there is also a button on the back for adjusting the feed dog, which I will mention below in detail as well.

What Accessories I got after receiving it ?

Accessories are really handy in making your work simpler and more convenient; I knew that I would receive these accessories like

What Accessories I got after receiving brother cp60x
  • Sewing machine, foot pedal, and cord
  • Seven presser feet ( Zigzag foot, Buttonhole foot, Button Stitching foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Overcasting foot, and Blind Stitch foot).
  • 4 bobbins
  • Three-needle set and 1 ball-point needle.
  • L-shaped screwdriver (if it is not adequate, you can buy others as well, but make sure they are compatible with the screws of the machine)
  • Manual (English and Spanish) and quick-start guide.

But after checking all these accessories, I was impressed by their quality, which is a plus point. 

But in most cases, these accessories can be a little fewer, especially when dealing with intensive designs, so you need to buy a few extra, which will take your investment.

  • If you are a sewing lover, you can find a sewing accessories list here, and according to your work, you can add them to your sewing supplies.

Detail Features of Brother CP60X

Built-in Stitch Options

Built-in Stitch Options

As you open the Box and take out your sewing machine, you will see a panel on the right where you can clearly see the 60 built-in stitches. But I was not too fond of the White Text on the Light Blue background, which can be difficult for those with poor eyesight.

Among the 60 stitches, you will get 7 Auto Size buttonholes stitches, straight stitches, zigzag, stretch, decorative, etc. The best thing is you can make a buttonhole simply with a step with its one-step buttonhole feature.

Automatic Needle Threader System

Automatic Needle Threader System

Compared to Brother CS6000I, this machine has improved needle threader features. But it is less advanced and convenient than other high-end models but still good for beginners who don’t or cannot thread the needle again and again.

A lever on the sewing machine will help your needle take the thread simply by pushing it. To use it, you must manually operate the handwheel for needle threading work.

Well, at first, you may feel a little daunted, but with a little practice, you can get used to it. I also learned it after a few tries; most importantly, it is not harmful to fingers.

Bobbin Winding

Bobbin Winding

Bobbin winding has become easier nowadays, thanks to Brother, which makes it simpler. As Brother CP60X is made keeping in mind beginners, every setting is pretty straightforward. And when it comes to bobbin winding, it is also easy and simple because sewers have to do it regularly.

The Bobbin winder is on the top right side (as shown in the picture), where you can insert the bobbin and then push it towards the right and start nothing.

The next great thing is that it has a top drop-in bobbin loading mechanism which is the favorite among beginners. And most importantly, you can see how much thread remains with this mechanism.

Feed Dog Mechanism

It is common for embroidery work to place a darning plate on a feed dog which is also an extra investment. But with Brother CP60X sewing machines’ convenient feed dog adjustment system, you don’t need to panic anymore.

For me, that is the best thing which I really like. You can drop and take up the feed dog simply by a button located on the back of the sewing machine (shown in the picture)

brother cp60x Feed Dog

Let me tell you a trick or a suggestion that always ensures that the needle is in its highest position before raising the feed dog so that it raises smoothly.

Free Arm Feature

Free Arm Feature

Sometimes you need to sew narrow jeans, sleeve socks, gloves, and other parts, so your sewing machine should have a detachable free arm. And luckily, after receiving it, I checked its Free Arm, which satisfied not only its presence but also its convenience.

You can also use it for storage, which I mostly do as I store those accessories that are not too required during sewing because it is pretty irritating opening a free arm for accessories during sewing. Therefore I mostly keep screwdrivers, sewing machine oil, an extra presser foot, and different needles.

LED light

LED light

There is LED lighting above the workspace aside from a needle which brightens the fabrics, thus giving you a clear picture of the details and projects. The lighting is not as bright as in higher-end models, but in this price range, it is amazing what I didn’t expect.

Brother CP60X Price

The price is reasonable on Amazon. But let me tell you two possibilities, one is buying the Brand New and secondly going for the used one but in good condition.

Buying a new sewing machine will cost you 165 USD (the price may go up), along with accessories. However, if you want to save a few dollars, get a Used One at 143 USD. This will save you 22 USD. But you should go for the new one as this will give you the internal satisfaction that nothing will be damaged in the machine.

Who should buy this?

Beginners or Advanced sewers?

The main point is what types of sewers should buy this machine from Brother. First, I recommend you read all the information I mentioned according to my personal experience. This will help you in making decisions.

However, it is the best-computerized sewing machine for beginners and, in most cases, for intermediates. Because it has 60 built-in stitches, a 7-presser foot, and a metal body that makes it is a good option for new sewers, but experienced people should look for other alternatives.

What makes Brother CP60X Unique?

●    Computerized screen

Brother CP60X Unique

The best thing which makes it different from Brother LX3817a and other counterparts is its small LCD screen located on the front right of the machine. Though it is not a touchscreen, you can still see every setting you select.

I noticed that when you Press any of the 4 Buttons, you can see the result of the selection on the screen. Moreover, it also shows you which presser foot you have added to the machine.

When you forget to put the presser foot down, you will put the E1 on your Brother Sewing Machine, and then you will see the E1 written on the screen, which is extremely helpful. And as you fix this issue, the screen will not show E1 again.

●    Ease of use

As I said, this is a great computerized machine for beginners, which is why you may think it is user-friendly. It is easy to use, especially selecting the settings and knowing what you have chosen that shows on the screen.

Threading is easy; you can also follow the comprehensive user manual for more details. Moreover, its 60 built-in stitches are also very helpful for completing your designs. The speed is also a plus point of 750 stitches per minute, which speeds up your work.

●    Design

Design is also important because beginners may feel bored with the complexity of the design. Therefore after reviewing Brother CP60X, I found its design to be the simplest among all other models.

It has easy-to-navigate dials, knobs, screens, buttons, etc. Also, it comes with a removable free arm that is helpful when dealing with sleeved or narrow fabrics.

Also, you can see all the 60 stitches mentioned on the right side of the machine. And there is a small decent handwheel which is too smooth and does not make noise.

In short, almost all the settings, buttons, dials, and stitch options are on the front. A spool pin and bobbin winder are on the top, and the back is a button for feed dog adjustment. 

It has ample throat space, which makes it perfect for larger fabrics to sew easily without slipping here and there.

●    Portability

This little computerized sewing machine is also very portable, and I found that you can easily place it inside your luggage when going outside with friends and family.

Its body dimensions are 6.65″D x 16.26″W x 12.21″H. That can be good, and you can easily store it in your room. However, it weighs around 14 pounds, so it will not exhaust you when you take it up.

So overall, its portability is great, which makes it good for beginner sewers who want to create beautiful designs for themselves.

Comparison: Brother CP60X vs. Brother CP2160P (Which one is the best)

Brother CP60X vs. Brother CP2160P

Comparing two sewing machines from the same brand is always challenging because I need to be unbiased. Both are great for beginners. Almost every detail of both machines is the same except for the price and a beautiful Pink Color Design instead of a Blue design on Brother CP60X.

What is the procedure for threading Brother CP60X?

I found some interesting things about threading this machine that is worth mentioning.

Which are…

  • The best practice for threading this sewing machine is reading the user’s manual thoroughly and then applying the process alongside reading.
  • You can see the diagram and arrows mentioned on the body from the Start of the threading process till the end.
  • On the Box of the machine, you will find a QR Code, so when you scan it, it will take you to the Company’s Website, and from there, you can find how to thread it.

Testing On Thick Fabrics

As I said at the beginning of this article, this sewing machine has flaws as well, and this is something you cannot and, in most cases, should not use for thick fabrics like a thick denim, leather, or multiple layers of fabrics because the needle motor is not that powerful to power the shank and needle holder to penetrate through the fabrics.

Initially, the needle can make a few stitches but after a while, you will feel that the machine is losing its strength. Well, for the safe side, limit it to only regular sewing and fabrics of 6mm thickness.

What I like about it

  • It is a fully computerized sewing machine.
  • Advanced needle threading system with the quick set bobbin.
  • Brighter LED light in the workspace area.
  • Convenient Top Drop-in Bobbin Loading Mechanism.
  • Easy to read instructions manuals from the company in English and Spanish.
  • It weighs 14 pounds, making it a lightweight machine.
  • It is recommended best for beginners.
  • It has 60 built-in stitches, which are mentioned on the front right side.
  • It has a free arm, an automatic bobbin winding feature, and a smooth handwheel.
  • The price was too low, below $200, and customer support excited me.
  • High-quality accessories and sewing parts.
  • A sturdy metal body makes it long-lasting.

What disappointed me?

  • It does not have the Start On/off button.
  • No needle up-down button.
  • You cannot use it for embroidery work smoothly.
  • The LCD screen is not a Touchscreen which is disappointing.
  • Not for seasoned sewers.

What is My Recommendation?

After reviewing each part and giving it a try with tougher fabrics, it can be the best-computerized sewing machine for beginner sewers who need something easy to use but at the same time packed with features.

From design to competition to the features, it is a perfect compact machine that can be what you can bet on.

But I recommend reading the above information along with videos, etc., so that your investment falls exactly where you want it.

It is all from my side, thanks…


Frequently Asked Questions

How many presser feet are included with the Brother CP60X?

When you buy Brother CP60X, you will get 7 different presser feet which are:
1. Zigzag foot.
2. Buttonhole foot.
3. Button Stitching foot.
4. Monogramming foot.
5. Zipper foot.
6. Overcasting foot.
7. Blind Stitch foot

What type of sewers should use Brother CP60X?

Looking at its features and stitch options, beginners should use it as their daily sewing driver. However, advanced people should stay away as this machine needs to handle more extensive work.

Should I buy Brother CP60X or Brother LX3817a?

Well, it is a clear-cut answer because one, Brother CP60X, is a computerized model with a screen on the front. However, the other machine, Brother Lx3817a, is simple without any screen. So the comparison needs to be made.