The 5 Best computerised sewing machines for beginners 2023

Best computerised sewing machines for beginners

It may be difficult for a beginner to pick the right type of sewing machine with computerized capabilities. Because, due to thousands of available options, all with great features, finding the best one is time-consuming. 

Therefore, I have compared the 5 best-computerized sewing machines for beginners of 2023 that can be game changers for you. 

Read each product carefully, and a comprehensive buying guide in the end, so you know everything in detail. 

It may be difficult for a beginner to pick the right type of sewing machine with computerized capabilities. Because, due to thousands of available options, all with great features, finding the best one is time-consuming. 

Therefore, I have compared the 5 best-computerized sewing machines for beginners of 2023 that can be game changers for you. 

Read each product carefully, and a comprehensive buying guide in the end, so you know everything in detail. 

So let’s start our discussion!

What is a computerized sewing machine?

It is an upgraded type of regular sewing machine with an LCD screen where the click of one-touch controls all the sewing, stitching, and other settings. Computerized sewing machines can be handy for beginners because they can navigate every setting from the screen without causing any errors. 

IN A HURRY? These are my top 3 picks

Best Overall Choice

image 12

Brother CS5055

Best For Embroidery

image 13

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

Best for multiple stitches

image 14

Heureux Computerised Sewing Machine

Quick Access to all machines

Have you got that? Let’s move on to the main point.

The 5 Best computerised sewing machines for beginners based on 2023 reviews

1. Brother CS5055 – the best overall for beginners

Key Features 

After doing research, I found that Brother CS5055 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable, reliable sewing machine that can deliver quality similar to that promised on every sewer’s wish list. Let’s begin with the stitches. 60 different stitch options will allow you to make any design you want. Additionally, you’ll find seven 1-step buttonhole features in addition to these multitudes of stitches. In addition, buttonholes are automatically created, so you only have to click on the button. 

Since this is the best-computerized sewing machine for beginners, Brother has only added a small LCD screen where you can see what you have selected. Those who are intermediate to advanced sewers will not find this helpful screen. It is worth its price because the LCD screen tells you what presser to select for your chosen stitches. 

According to my experience, many sewists experience difficulty threading sewing machines due to narrow needle eyes. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry because Brother CS5055 has a more advanced automatic needle threader than its previous versions.

A sewing machine’s main component is the bobbin, but what’s more important is its loading mechanism. This great American machine has a drop-in top bobbin loading system that’s convenient for beginners and doesn’t get stuck. 

Regarding sewing problems, durability is essential; Brother CS5055 offers a stiffer frame made of metal that is scratch resistant and can withstand wear and tear. Furthermore, you can place larger projects on the needle-to-arm area for easier access during sewing. 

Last but not least, plenty of sewing accessories can help you simplify your sewing process. That is why, when you purchase this sewing machine, you will receive items like 7 different presser feet, 4 relevant bobbins, a needle set, and a three-language user’s manual. 

Brother CS5055
Image taken when we receive the machine
  • 60 built-in stitches with 7 1-step buttonholes. 
  • It is reasonable in price.
  • Due to the larger needle-to-arm space, this machine is excellent for larger fabrics.
  • Drop-in jam-resistant bobbin system. Plenty of valuable accessories.
  • Automatic needle threader functionality.
  • It creates less noise. 
  • Automatic needle threaders are challenging to learn at first. 
  • No Automatic Tension Adjustment. 
  • Not for high-end sewers. 

Concluding Remarks 

The sewing machine gets a 9.8 out of 10 ratings, which means it’s excellent. I want to be honest here if you are starting and need a computerized sewing machine with top-of-the-line features, this is the one for you. 

2. Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 – the best-computerized embroidery option

Note: Because of its higher-end features, this machine is not 100% suitable for beginners, but I strongly encourage them to buy it if they are passionate about sewing. However, you must first learn how to use it.

Pro Tip: Avoid blasting air, as this will force dirt into the machine’s internal parts, causing the parts to jam and causing more harm than good.

Key Features 

You can determine its quality and greatness from the review of this splurge sewing machine. As a result of its high price, it comes with many of the top features that every sewer needs. It is an incredibly versatile machine with a machine bed, an embroidery bed, and a flat embroidery bed. 

The great thing about this sewing machine is that it comes with a full-color LCD, which sets it apart from others. From this screen, you can control your designs, change settings, and edit your designs if you wish. In addition, this machine allows you to upload your favorite designs via USB, making it a tremendous high-end computerized sewing machine for beginners. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other features. I was most excited by its speed. You can embroider at a rate of 60-800 SPM depending on your project and time, which saves you time. Furthermore, the machine makes perfect stitches at this speed, which is a plus. 

If I tell you about its stitches, you can make 9mm wide and 5mm long stitches without worrying about skipped stitches. With 200 unique stitch options and 175 pre-made embroidery designs available, you can avoid mind-boggling or online design searches. All you have to do is choose a stitch or design from its touchscreen.

It was a pleasure to review Janome Memory Craft because it had so many features that you won’t find on any other digital sewing machine. Because it has six one-step buttonhole features, an easy-to-install presser foot, automatic thread tension, a 7-piece feed dog, and one-step needle plate conversion. With its LCD touchscreen screen and all these features, it is the perfect embroidery option for beginners. 

Because it is the best machine for embroidery, Janome has added a 6.7″ x 7.9″ embroidery blank for you to customize. The Brother CS5055 reviewed above lacks the automatic thread tension option, but this machine offers it, so it will automatically adjust thread tension based on the fabric type and thickness, so you will not have to worry about thread breaking

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850
Image taken when we receive the machine
  • Plenty of accessories for embroidery projects.
  • 175 built-in embroidery designs.
  • 200 stitches options.
  • Automatic thread tension feature.Automatic needle threader.
  • 60-800 stitches per minute. 
  • Premium look and built-in quality.
  • Full-color LCD touchscreen display.
  • You can upload designs through USB.
  • Easy to insert presser foot. 
  • Versatile machine for normal and embroidery works.
  • The price is too high.
  • The display and settings may need to be clarified to beginners. 
  • Filling a bobbin is a little tricky.
  • The weight is a little higher. 

Concluding Remarks

Based on my research, this is the best-computerized sewing machine for beginners. One thing you should keep in mind, however. Beginners must first learn how to operate this sewing machine because it has many features. However, I’m sure you won’t regret using it. You can efficiently manage it within a few days, thanks to Google and YouTube, where you search how to use it. In addition, for intermediate to professional sewers, this is a great buy. 

3. Heureux Computerised Sewing Machine – the best-computerized option with the most stitches

Key Features 

So Let’s start with stitches, which are the basis for any sewing machine. You get 200 different types of stitches with this machine, including decorative, embroidery, straight, zigzag, and more. You can sew 100 alphabetized stitches and 8 different styled buttonholes with this wallet-friendly machine. 

A small LCD screen is on the front of its body, with a few buttons surrounding it, making it convenient to select any settings. In addition, there is a large chart on its right side that lists different types of stitches, and on its top, there is a small panel with 100 alphanumeric stitches, so you can figure out what stitch you can do with this machine.

You can easily install bobbins under the needle plate. In contrast to front-loading, this top drop-in bobbin is the easiest to use for novices. I have compiled the Best computerized sewing machines for beginners in this article so that they will be straightforward. It has automatic needle threading, which minimizes eye strain. Additionally, you can modify the needle position according to the thickness of the fabric, make one-step buttonholes, and sew elastic stitches for woven fabrics. It is a great sewing machine for fashion designers, canvas fabric manufacturers, etc. 

Now, let’s look at one of its main features: its mini LCD screen on the front, where you can see which stitch or presser foot you’ve selected. It is not a touchscreen, so you must press a button to choose your stitches, and the settings and selected features will appear on the LCD screen. I have brought this review for beginners because it is this simple. 

Last but not least, this machine is suitable not only for beginners but even for intermediates and experienced sewers. While some readers may think that this sewing machine isn’t long-lasting, after finding out it’s made of an interior aluminum alloy body with powerful motors that will drive shafts, belts, and cranks with ease, it can sew any fabric easily without any sewing machine jamming issues

Heureux Computerised Sewing Machine
Image taken when we receive the machine
  • Suitable for all types of sewers.
  • It threads needles automatically.
  • Push buttons are simple to use.
  • The LCD is beautiful.
  • Presser feet come in different styles.
  • A twin-needle stitch. 
  • Beginner Quilters will find it most useful. 
  • It is compact and lightweight. 
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • 200 pre-installed stitches.
  • 8 unique buttonhole options. 
  • 100 alphanumeric stitches.
  • For more challenging projects, it may be ineffective.
  • Long-term use caused some users to find that it made noise. 
  • At this price range, automatic tensioning could be added. 
  • No Touchscreen. 

Concluding Remarks

The machine is quite similar to Brother CS5055 from every angle; however, it is much better in terms of stitch count. Additionally, it has plenty of features and an easy-to-use computerized screen, so beginners can effortlessly master it. When you read its features, pros, and cons in detail, you will know whether to buy it or look for alternatives. 

4. Brother XR9550 – best beginner’s computerized sewing machine for quilting

Key Features 

After hours of research, I decided to bring the review of Brother XR9550 because it is geared with tons of valuable features that will create beautiful clothes, decorative works, etc., quickly for you. The distinct characteristic of a sewing machine is that it is perfect for quilting at beginner’s levels, but advanced can also use it to some extent. 

On the front of this sewing machine are plenty of handy buttons for speed slider, start on/off, reverse, and presser foot up/down. And in addition to this, there is a computerized LCD where you can see what stitches or other settings you have selected without committing mistakes. Well, the LCD screen is not touchable. Therefore as you press any button, the result will appear on the screen. This compelled me to review for beginners because of its intuitive user interface. 

I like its stitch options which are a lot for beginners; with this sewing machine for quilting, you will find 165 different stitches. Additionally, as this is the best quilting computerized machine for beginners, you can find 110 practical, attractive, and classic stitches. Additionally, there are eight styles of buttonholes and 55 alphabetized sewing stitches. So overall, Brother has packed this with dozens of stitches, so now you can make any design you need. 

Now let me tell you some of its advanced features. Then this wallet-friendly sewing machine has a drop-in top bobbin, a beginner’s perfect choice because it enables them to insert the bobbin easily. And most importantly, this bobbin also doesn’t jam when the needle feeds its lower thread freely for perfect stitches. It also features an automatic needle threading system, plenty of accessories, and a warranty from the manufacturer.

Brother XR9550
Image taken when we receive the machine
  • 165 unique built-in stitches.
  • 55 alphanumeric stitches.
  • Automatic needle threading system.
  • Jam-resistant drop-in bobbin mechanism.
  • Budget-friendly for beginners.
  • A best-computerized model for quilting. 
  • Perfect for different kinds of fabrics. 
  • It comes with different types of presser feet.
  • Easy to use LCD screen and settings.
  • It is pretty lightweight.
  • Best for domestic uses.
  • No Touchscreen.
  • Not for heavy-duty workloads.

Concluding Remarks

After telling you its features, it will be easy to decide whether to buy. But let me tell it again in a sentence that it depends upon your work requirements. So if you are a beginner and want a quilting sewing machine, this is for you. 

5. Juki HZL-LB5020 – best heavy-duty computerized option for beginners

Key Features 

Juki, a Japanese brand with high-quality sewing products with plenty of handy features, has a good reputation in the sewing world. While Juki is known for making great industrial sewing machines, it has now also done exceptionally well at making computerized ones for beginners. 

You can easily navigate Juki HZL-LB5020 with its simple navigation settings and see your settings on the LCD screen. You can also see on this screen what length or width of stitches you have selected, and if you want to change it, push the button, and then the screen will reflect the changes you have made. 

I was not too fond of the fact that there are only 20 stitch options, but it can be suitable for beginners. The auto needle threader feature saves you time and reduces eye strain, however. One of the most exciting features of this Juki sewing machine is its speed system, which can be lowered or decreased according to the fabric type and your wish.

The workspace has a built-in LED light to make it easier for those with low vision to see their fabrics. Additionally, on the sewing machine’s throat plate, you will see a measuring panel for fabric length, which is very handy for beginners. 

In addition, this sewing machine can sew various fabrics, from light to heavy, without jamming. For beginners, take a closer look at its features and read its manual before purchasing. 

  • Features a 1-Step Button hole.
  • Bobbin loading system with drop-in capability.
  • The sewing machine is made for heavy use. 
  • On the needle area, there is an LED light. 
  • Suitable for fabrics ranging from light to heavy.
  • Navigation is intuitive.
  • Display with a brighter LCD.
  • Automatic needle threading system.
  • There is no touchscreen.
  • Options for stitches are limited.
  • A little costly.

Concluding Remarks

Juki sewing machine lovers will enjoy this machine because it can sew almost all fabrics without changing needles frequently. You can use it for making dresses, decorative projects, etc., so read its evaluation before purchasing. So after reading its features, you will understand why it is one of the Best computerized sewing machines for the beginner right now. 

A Comprehensive Buying Guide For Beginners in 2023

Stitches Options 

The more stitches, the easier it will be for you to create numerous designs. Therefore, choosing different stitches should always be your first and foremost priority. 

However, if you are a beginner, you first need to look at your requirements and decide how many stitches your computerized sewing machine should have. 

In my experience, beginners need built-in stitch options of between 65 to 200, along with a few buttonholes. These numbers are more than enough for beginners level sewing machines. 

Computerized Display

Computerized sewing machines have a decent LCD screen on their front from where you can see or select different settings. Some machines have touchscreens, and others don’t, but ensure that sewing machines with touchscreens are a little more expensive. Additionally, machines with touchscreens will have buttons or dials that, if pressed, will display the result. 

Moreover, the screen size and type depend upon the sewing machines’ type and brands. 

Don’t worry. I have explained the 5 best sewing machines for beginners in this article. Among them, some have touchscreens, and some don’t. So first, know your budget and requirements and go for it. 

Sewing, Quilting, or Embroidery

Buying a sewing machine depends upon your skills, which means do you usually quilt, embroider, and sew, or are you an all-in-one? 

So before purchasing the machine, you have to decide what type of sewer you are, then go according to it. 

For example, for embroiderers, I recommend Janome Memory Craft. The same applies to others as well. I have explained the 5 different types of sewing machines, each with its sewing capabilities. 

Note: Make sure you choose a sewing machine that meets your needs and requirements. Otherwise, your sewing results will be ambiguous and inconclusive.

Sewing Speed

Speed is also important before making a purchase because it saves time while completing projects on time. So for beginners, you need to have a sewing machine speed of 10 stitches per second, which is 600 stitches per minute. 

If you are a little skillful beginner sewer, you can go for speed above it. However, if you are not talented, don’t go above, as you are more prone to losing control. 

Basic Features For Beginners

Nowadays, sewing machines are equipped with plenty of handy and advanced features. But I think you don’t need all of those fancy features if you are starting. 

Among the features, you need to consider are the following:

  • Automatic needle threader.
  • Automatic thread tension.
  • Bobbin winder.
  • Computerised screen.
  • Different presser feet.
  • Needle. 
  • Easy-to-use settings.

So long story short, as a beginner, I highly suggest that you don’t go for advanced features; otherwise, you will be exhausted learning its features and setting things up. 

Final thoughts 

Those looking to pick the best-computerized sewing machines for beginners in 2023 have gotten a great amount of information. 

However, after reading till the end, if you are still confused and worried about whether to invest, let me summaries my TOP 3 again for you. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great shopping day…


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does a computerized sewing machine benefit you?

Computerized Sewing Machines are extremely helpful as they help sewers navigate and select all the settings from the LCD screen and know what settings they have chosen and what errors sewing machines have. 

Q2. How do regular sewing machines and computerized sewing machines differ?

The main difference between these two sewing machines is that computerized ones have LCD screens. However, regular machines have buttons and dials lacking screens.
– Moreover, computerized sewing machines have significantly greater stitches than regular sewing machines.
– It is easier to care for typical devices than computerized ones, which are less expensive.
– Common household sewing machines offer fewer stitch options and are more complicated.

Q3. Are there any disadvantages to computerized sewing machines?

overall price, sewers may feel like not buying them. They have LCD screens which need proper care, there may be fancy features that require frequent maintenance, and if not done, you may end up damaging it and then you need to fix it again.
Especially if you are a beginner, you need to select one of the available options explained in this article because they are easy to use, keeping in mind beginners’ sewing skills.