10 benefits of sewing machines you must know (updated 2023) 

benefits of sewing machines

In this article, I will explain the 10 benefits of sewing machines that have shaped the world of sewing. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Sewing Machine

1. A sewing machine helps sewers improve their sewing

Unlike hand sewing, sewing with machines can be helpful and allows you to adapt several parts like needles, bobbins, presser foot, controls, and settings, and even change the needle, presser foot, and other features. With the help of sewing machines, sewers can now easily make straight and unique stitches on different fabrics without any problems. 

2. Sewing Machines Are Fast

Among the 10 benefits of a sewing machine is that it allows you to sew more quickly than you ever imagined. 

A regular sewing machine can make 650 to 1000 stitches in a minute, which is impossible with hand sewing. However, industrial sewing machines are used in industries for mass clothing production due to their ability to make 1600 stitches per minute.

3. Sewing machines can stitch different fabrics

With sewing machines, you can make different stitches on the fabrics such as leather, canvas, embroidery dresses, linen, cotton, faux fur, and much more. By combining them, we can make various types of clothing.

4. You can make your dress

By buying a sewing machine, you can sew different types of clothes at home without having to pay money to a tailor master. In addition, if you have a sewing machine at home, you can sew different types of clothes for yourself, your babies, your husband, as well as other members of your family. 

5. You can use sewing machines to teach sewing 

One of the best things about a sewing machine is that you can also use it to teach sewing to children, girls, and adults, or you can even use it to teach sewing online on YouTube. 

If you use sewing machines for teaching purposes, you will attract many students, which will boost the reputation of your business. 

6. Larger companies use it

Luxurious brands like LV, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and other clothing companies use industrial sewing machines in their factories to sew internationally. As a result of this benefit of sewing machines, these companies are adding a significant amount of money to the countries’ GDP every year. 

7. You can open your business

If you are a sewing machine lover and want to make money out of this, you can do it by simply opening a shop. 

Besides selling sewing machines, you can also offer a wide range of scissors, needles, bobbins, presser feet, and other sewing machine-related products. If you sell good products and run your store well, all these products will sell well. 


You can also sell other sewing machine-related products at your retail store to scale up your business, such as tables for treadle sewing machines and sewing machine oil, and you can hire a technician who will fix people’s sewing machine issues, so your business will grow as a result.

8. Sewing machines can benefit health

Using a sewing machine boosts mental health because it allows you to focus on your sewing without being distracted. Doing this will enable you to think more creatively and be more productive. 

Additionally, sewing machines can improve your hand-eye coordination. As you operate a sewing machine by hand and use your eyes to make stitches, insert bobbins, adjust clothes beneath the presser foot, etc., your hand and eye will be in motion and active. 

For industrial sewing machines, you must use a foot pedal operated by your feet, strengthening your foot muscles. All of these things contribute to good health and mental well-being.

9. You will know everything about sewing machines

You will know everything about your sewing machine very quickly once you start using it repeatedly as you go along. Among the various parts of this machine, you will learn about bobbins, needles, needle clamps, needle holders, presser feet, presser foot levers, handwheels, throat plates, bobbin covers, bobbin types, etc., and their uses. 

You can now fix sewing-related issues about different brands, types, and more. 

10. Sewing machines give you a forever skill 

With sewing machines, you can acquire a permanent skill of sewing. It means if you buy a sewing machine and use it for making clothes, you can sew them again and again. 

This particularly applies to tailor shop owners who have this skill and make a good amount of money from it. For this reason, if you want to learn sewing forever as a lifelong skill, you should have a sewing machine. 


Frequently asked questions 

Why should every home have sewing machines?

Every home should have two sewing machines, a regular one and a handheld one. Handheld sewing machines are used for sewing small torn clothes, cuffs, etc., while standard sewing machines make clothes and stitch complete dresses.

What is the major benefit of a sewing machine?

The major benefit of a sewing machine is that you can stitch fabrics together to make a unique design or dress.

What are the benefits of sewing machines?

There are many uses for sewing machines, including making unique dresses, sewing at home, teaching with them, selling them for profit, keeping you engaged, making money for you, etc.

What are the 5 practical benefits of sewing machines?

Sewing machines can speed up your work. 
It will make your work professional.
With sewing machines, you will be mentally and physically evolved in sewing. 
You can make unique gifts for your loved ones. 
You can use sewing machines to make money.