What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of sewing machines in 2023

Advantages and Disadvantages of sewing machines

The sewing machine is the greatest innovation of all time, but it is not without its flaws. However, as a whole, sewing machines are extremely important, but in a few cases, they can have some drawbacks as well. 

Therefore, in this article, I will explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of sewing machines so that you can better understand them. 

Without searching here and there, follow this guide to the end, so let’s get started immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages of sewing machines

1. Advantages

Advantages and disadvantages of sewing machines

Sewing machines are the biggest inventions in history

In addition to laptops, the internet, etc., sewing machines have also significantly developed. YES, you heard it right. Because with them, you can sew clothes and wear them to cover your naked body. 

Different automobile industries, luxury brands, clothing lineups, etc., are taking the help of sewing machines to make items such as handbags, dresses, dolls, car covers, curtains, cushions, etc.  

You can use it to sew different fabrics

With the help of sewing machines, you can easily sew various fabrics without any issues. 

Sewing machines save time

People used to sew with their hands, but now sewing machines have made it easy for them to make clothes within hours. 

  • Domestic sewing machines can make around 650 to 1000 stitches per minute, while industrial machines can reach 1600 stitches per minute. 

Thus, dresses can be made more quickly than ever before due to their speed. 

You can use it to teach sewing

Most sewing machine owners don’t realise that they can use their machines to teach sewing to children, adults, or anyone. Therefore, if you have children at home, I recommend you teach them how to use sewing machines. 

This will enhance their skills. Additionally, sewing teachers use sewing machines to teach sewing to their clients, earning money in the process. 

You can start a sewing machine business

Do you want to make money? YES, you can open a store near you to sell various brands and sewing machines. To increase your wealth, you need to order different machines in bulk from the supplier and sell them in your store. 

Along with sewing machines, you can also sell sewing machine-related tools such as needles, numerous scissors, bobbins, presser feet, hardcovers, foot pedals, etc. These all make you money. 

Sewing machines are reliable and versatile

Traditionally, hand-sewing was done with needles that broke frequently, so they had to be changed repeatedly. Due to the heavy-duty metal or aluminium used in sewing machines nowadays, they are sturdy and durable. Industrial sewing machines are robust and can withstand harsh conditions. 

In addition, they are versatile, meaning they can sew a wide range of fabrics, so you don’t need multiple machines. 

Sewing machines have many features

Various sewing machines are available today, including industrial models and handheld, domestic, and computerised sewing machines. 

Handheld sewing machines can sew small cuffs, so you need to take them in your hand to sew them. 

In short, you can learn about many features of sewing machines, including automatic needle threading, bobbin winders, thread trimmers, etc. When you own one, you will gradually get used to everything about a sewing machine.

Sewing machine benefits mental health

Yes, sewing machines are beneficial to health, especially mental health. When you sew clothes, your mind will leave all tensions behind, your hand will control the fabric under the presser foot, your foot for the foot pedal operation, and your mind will oversee all these activities. Doing this will make your mind active, positively affecting your overall health. 

Sewing machines make homes more stylish

Once you purchase a sewing machine from Amazon, Walmart, or any retailer, you’ll arrange it at home. 

Having a dedicated sewing machine room and arranging and keeping sewing machines there increases the overall beauty of the sewing machine room. 

So when people arrange a sewing machine room, they need to place the sewing machine appropriately to make the space more attractive. 

2. Disadvantages 

disadvantages of sewing machine


One of the cons of sewing machines is their cost. Handheld sewing machines cost around $15, the lowest-priced models. For some higher-end models, a domestic sewing machine can range from $250 to $3000. Some Bernina models can even cost $25000, which is quite shocking. So, you need to have hundreds of dollars to buy the one. 

Safety hazards

A sewing machine can be dangerous if it is misused. You can injure yourself when you mishandle sewing machine parts such as needles, hand wheels, presser feet, screws, foot pedal cords, etc. 

Especially with needles that are too pointed, you may accidentally injure your fingers when you change needles. As with other sewing machine parts, ensure you are familiar with safety precautions by checking the manual. 


The size is not an immediate disadvantage, but it can be intimidating to place sewing machines conveniently at home for those who need free space. Sewers sometimes place it somewhere in a room, but when children come, they move it somewhere else, so size is an issue. The standard sewing machine size is 42″ x 21″, so you need this much space. 

Difficult to operate

Well, most of today’s sewing machines are straightforward, but some computerised and industrial models can be difficult to use, especially for beginners and intermediates. 

Consumers cannot easily adapt to these models because they have fancy features like touchscreens for navigation and stitch selection. 

Also, there are other features such as dials, bobbin winders, quilting options, etc., so learn these first.

But don’t worry, nowadays, sewing machines come with an easy-to-read user’s manual where every detail is mentioned. 

Some sewing machines are fabrics-specific 

As I said, sewing machines are versatile, meaning they can sew different fabrics on the same machine. There are, however, some exceptions, such as sewing small cuffs or torn clothes with handheld sewing machines. 

If you use domestic sewing machines to sew tougher fabrics, you will get disappointing results since they cannot handle tougher materials. 

The same applies to embroidery and quilting; you need a dedicated sewing machine with specific sewing capabilities. You must use industrial models for heavy-duty sewing on a commercial scale, which shows that sewing machines are distinct and will produce better results. 

Buying can be tricky

Buying can be intimidating. Because the market is full of different sewing machines, selecting one of them is a challenging task. For example, if you sew canvas but buy a sewing machine for faux fur, the result will be unsatisfactory. To choose the best sewing machine for your specific needs, you need to know your preferences first.

High cost of repairing 

You will face different difficulties when owning a sewing machine, such as machine jamming, e1 errors on Brother machines, needle threaders, hand wheel jamming, skipped stitches, etc. 

Some problems aren’t severe, but others need to be fixed by a technician, and they will charge you from $50 to $150 for annual servicing. 

The cost of changing their parts is also higher. You should always take care of your sewing machine from the beginning, clean its bases, remove rust, and oil it regularly. 


I hope you now have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of sewing machines. Their importance is not only for household appliances but also for industrial mass production of fabrics. 

On a scale of 1-10, sewing machines have 8 benefits and 2 drawbacks, and when used properly, there are no drawbacks.


Frequently asked question

What are the benefits of sewing machines?

Using sewing machines, we can sew different fabrics quickly with neat and clean stitches. In addition, they have made it possible for people to discover different designs of dresses.

What is the problem with sewing machines?

Many things are good about sewing machines but they may cause problems such as needle injuries when used incorrectly. Most people also consider it to be a little expensive.

What are the 5 advantages of a sewing machine?

It saves space. 
It has plenty of functions and features. 
Sewing machines are time-saving.
The majority of sewing machines are modern with sleek looks. 
Sewing machines are better for multitasking.