About us

Thank you for choosing Seekandsew.com, a reliable site for shoppers and sewing enthusiasts! 

What is Seekandsew? This is a platform created by sewing lovers to help users learn how to sew and purchase the best sewing machines. This website provides all kinds of updated information about sewing machines. 

Sewing is adored by many, but millions live off it. To do this, they also need great sewing machines and sewing information. Therefore, we decided to develop this website to help buyers make better decisions. 

How do we differ from other websites? 

Our readers know that there is a great deal of false and authentic information on the internet in 2022, so we decided to provide accurate information. Furthermore, people today are very busy; they cannot search for legitimate resources during the day, so we offer the information you need without going elsewhere. We strive to make our website as user-friendly, practical, simple, and authentic as possible.

Our website is dedicated to providing users with the most relevant information without violating search engines or even trying to violate them. We don’t use spam links, irrelevant keywords, misleading information, wrong redirections, or other unethical methods.

Users can even check themselves; if they find anything wrong, they are free to CONTACT US

About the Owners

This website, seekandsew.com, was developed by Hameed Khan (professional writer) and Abdul Basit (SEO expert and Publisher) in July 2022 to supply users with the latest and most pertinent information. To provide you with the most useful information about our Niche, we work daily and do plenty of research routinely.

We acknowledge that Google prefers Quality over Quantity. We strive to present authoritative articles and details about sewing machines to our readers and online visitors while keeping the website easy to navigate.

Hameed Khan

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I, Hameed Khan, an inhabitant of Quetta, Pakistan, am a writing enthusiast and a voracious reader. I aim to write quality articles for seekandsew.com in the most accessible way possible so that every reader can comprehend them.

Instead of writing complicated grammar, I use simple words and phrases so readers from any country can understand what I’m saying. 

Most of my time is spent researching sewing machines to provide my readers with as much information as possible.

Abdul Basit

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Hi, My name is Abdul Basit, and I am a full-time SEO expert and blogger from Quetta, Pakistan. As a web developer, I have made a lot of websites in various niches and ranked them on Google. I oversee this website’s SEO, which involves keyword research, image creation, article publishing, analysis of Google trends, etc.

I started working on sewing machines this time because I got many searches about sewing and sewing machines from users, and the stuff already posted on Google didn’t satisfy them. 

To help people, I decided to make a blog and post highly relevant and helpful content.